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Movie Suggestion XXIII – Lore



Movie Suggestion XXIII: Lore


Country: Germany – 2013


Genre: Drama


Directed by: Cate Shortland


Plot: You don’t see that many World War two films from a German’s point of few, which makes this German youth film all the more interesting. The story takes off when the war is over. Lore, fourteen year old, is the daughter of an established Nazi officer who sees herself and her infant siblings forced to flee as her parents become outlaws all of a sudden. As she travels the country by foot, she finds out what exactly was going on the last five years, which makes her question her firm beliefs in the Nazi ideology. An honest and nuanced film with some stunning photography as well. (




“At the beginning of “Lore,” an SS officer and his wife hurriedly make a bonfire of official documents. It’s April 1945, and Allied forces are barreling toward their estate. Then with a sudden gunshot, Father kills the family dog. For the couple’s adolescent daughter, Lore, life as she knows it is over. Stunned by the collapse of the Reich, father flees. Mother hands Lore some cash and her wedding band for barter and orders her to guide her four younger siblings, including an infant, to an aunt’s far-distant farmhouse. The abandoned children wander across the ravaged landscape, unsheltered and uncared for.” (




“Saskia Rosendahl gives an impressively poised performance as the beautiful teenager, whose determination to protect her remaining family coincides with her growing revulsion toward her parents as she begins to understand the enormity of her father’s crimes.” (




“The children’s journey is an impressionistic one, as befits their innocence. They come across dead bodies, bored soldiers, ruined houses, photographs of Nazi atrocities, and civilians trying to find enough food to survive. Their baby is envied – with an infant, one stands a better chance of getting rations or being allowed to ride on a train.


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In some ways, Lore functions as a kind of counterpart to Michael Haneke’s 2009 film The White Ribbon, an oblique examination of the young generation that would grow up to swell the Nazi party ranks. Here we see those on the other side, too young to have partaken directly in the madness, but scarred by it nonetheless.” (




“’Lore’ is not easy to watch. There are several disturbing and gruesome scenes in the film. But it’s a gripping tale of the human urge to survive in almost inhuman circumstances. And most of all, it reminds us of the utter horrors of war. This war, and any war. (




An amazing, but yet brutal and not for everyone movie.

June 28, 2014


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