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Aenaon, that’s a name I’ve heard before, but not as a band, I mean the term, I couldn’t remember what was it, what it meant, from where, but, like everyone that uses a computer and I googled it and then I remembered about a hotel in Greece. One of those which feature an amazing view that you never forget. By the way, no, I’m not getting something from the hotel to mention the name here, although I’d be very grateful for two or three days for free, hehe. I am just kidding around, of course. Plus, I think I have played one of their songs on the MetalCast Show Podcast from the album “Cendres Et Sang”


Well, let’s talk about what “you’ve come” to this website for, a review on Aenaon’s latest album “Extance”, released in 2014. First, allow me to talk a bit about the band. Founded in 2005 in Epirus/ Thessaly, a place filled with majestic nature beauty and history, much like all Greece, they have released one demo, two splits, one compilation, one EP and two full-length albums, “Extance” being the latest one and the second released by the respected Italian label Code666 Records, Aenaon plays Progressive Black Metal, with Avant-garde and Jazz influences, oriental and atmospheric passages. And they have released a masterpiece, in my modest view.




Featuring special participations by Tanya Leontiou (Universe217), Mirai Kawashima (Sigh), Sindre Nedland (In Vain) and Haris (Transcending Bizarre?), Aenaon’s latest effort is amazing. As I’ve said, in my humble opinion, it is a masterpiece. A breathtaking album. Need more compliments? A transcendental trip into the creative minds of progressive musicians. One beautiful journey into the madness of the new Greek music. I think there’s no need of more compliments.


Let’s talk more seriously now (even though I meant everything that I’ve stated before). But to be able to fully enjoy this album, you need to relax, put on your headphones and pay attention to the song, to let them drive your mind away from the daily troubles, trying to pay attention to every single detail. The album is composed, of course, of black metal songs balanced with progressive metal, jazz elements, lots of orchestration, discordant violins, some psychedelic sound effects, all blending into a fantastic atmosphere.




And as it’s usual when it comes to my reviews or simply feelings over a release, I, one more time, ask you all, if you enjoyed the band and its album, of course, to help promoting the band by sharing this review on Facebook, or any other review, it doesn’t have to me mine, to share their web pages’ links, and, if you are able to, buy the album. Aenaon band deserves our assistance to reach a broader audience.


Until next time.




Grade: 10/10


Band: Aenaon


Album: Extance (2014)


Label: Code666 Records




1. The First Art

2. Deathtrip Chronicle

3. Grau Diva

4. A Treatise on the Madness of God

5. Der Mude Tod

6. Pornocrates

7. Closer to Scaffold

8. Land of no Water

9. Algernon’s Decadence

10. Funeral Blues

11. Palindrome


Aenaon is:


Thyragon – Bass

Astrous – Vocals

Achilleas C. – Guitars

Nycriz – Drums

Anax – Guitars


Official Facebook:

Official Homepage:


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June 25, 2014


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