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Afraid of Destiny – Tears of Solitude



Afraid of Destiny is a Depressive/ Atmospheric Black Metal band that hails from Italy, initially, nowadays also from Gibraltar. Originally founded as a one-man project in February 2011 under the name Vitam Nihil Est, the band has released one demo, three splits, one full-length album and a single. Afraid of Destiny is now working on the band’s sophomore album.




I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the début release, “Tears of Solitude”, from 2013 and the physical version came to light in 2014. I really enjoyed this album; it radiates true sentiments of despair, desolation and solitude… in a sense that it’s a honest and authentic album, created with passion and the true feelings of those that have gone through this dark phase. The emotions here are real; the atmosphere is of negativity and hopelessness. In my humble opinion, we have here one of the most sincere releases when it comes to depression.




Musically, this is a dramatic album, with sounds of rain, melancholic guitar tunes, but still abrasive and the cries of despair from the vocalist, they sound, at the same time, hateful and gloomy. The songs also feel raw and constant, much like the moods that you face when experiencing this mind state. The music is crude, emotional and beautiful; they indeed show how talented the band is and also pure when it comes to the feelings of represented in “Tears of Solitude”. Unfortunately an overlooked album, I sincerely hope that more people will discover this jewel.




The production of the album is between lo-fi and crystal clear, that’s the best description I can give you. You will fully enjoy all the musical details of this release with no effort at all, so, in my humble opinion, a very good job here as well. I end this article by asking you, my dear friends, to check Afraid of Destiny and its releases. If you like the music, please, do what’s in your hands to support this band, be it about ordering an album, spreading the word, sharing their pages, anything you can do to help this band.




Until another day.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Afraid of Destiny


Album: Tears of Solitude (2013 – physical release in 2014)


Label: Rigorism Production




1. A Requiem to Me

2. Choice (?)

3. Struggling With Depression & Suicide

4. Intermezzo

5. I’m Crying (Tears of Solitude)

6. Killed by Life


Afraid of Destiny is:


Adimere – All Instruments

Hennessy (Guest) – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:




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October 13, 2014


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