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Ah Ciliz/ Griefthorn – Old Withered Lands





Today we have on our menu (I just remembered that episode of Family Guy that Brian hosted a show and said something like that, hehe, well, we all can have fun, can’t we?) a split featuring two US Atmospheric Depressive Black Metal bands. I believe that both are from California. People might think that from such a place there should be more cheerful music, such as, for example, Brazil, but that’s a misconception. What leads a person to create such music is a universal feeling, an unlimited urge that knows no boundaries.




The first band that can be heard on this split-album is Ah Ciliz. Here’s some information about them that can be found on an interview for the occultblackmetalzine: “I think the best way to describe our sound is melodic atmospheric black metal with depressive tones. But to keep it simple we play atmospheric black metal.” … “I have always been enamored with beautiful landscapes, bodies of water, and the woods. So it’s no surprise that many of the lyrics praise the beauty of the land and recognize the need to preserve what’s left of it. I have a fascination with ancient civilizations from all over the world but especially from Mesoamerican indigenous cultures (Maya, Olmec, Aztec and the Incas).”




The second band is Griefthorn and here’s what they state on their official Facebook page: “Griefthorn represents; misanthropy, existential nihilism, and environmentalism… and pays homage to norse, germanic, slavic, and celtic Mythology….  other subject matter consists of; Atheism, Anti-theism, naturalism, existentialism, determinism, suicide/depression, personal and social struggles/conflicts, war, hate, and love.  Griefthorn does not stand by/represent any political party what so ever…and is not associated with either the right or left wing…. misanthropic, nihilistic, and environmentalist metal”.




So let’s talk about the music here, shall we? As both play the same style and have many common aspects, I’ll talk generally about the release. That doesn’t mean that the bands are a clone of each other, this is simply to easy out my work a bit, since I’ve mentioned before, I write these “reviews” after long working hours and then driving back home under a heavy traffic, so, please, allow me this little gift, as I’m always very tired, but I need to keep on with this work. I just love supporting the bands I enjoy.




Anyways, back to the music, during the entire album there’s a bittersweet mood, an atmosphere of sadness and grief and it all feels very honest to me, I sense that the music created here comes from the hearts of the musicians. The melancholic feeling is real, in my modest opinion. The guitar work is much like many Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal, that being, repetitive and the drumming is on a constant beat, all to create this landscape of desolation. This doesn’t mean that it’s boring, not at all. This is a beautiful and ethereal work that must be heard by many others. And I urge you all to support both bands the way you are able to.


2014 - Ah Ciliz & Griefthorn - Old Withered Lands [Split]


Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Bands: Ah Ciliz/ Griefthorn


Album: Old Withered Lands (Split – 2014)


Label: No Remorse Records




1. Ah Ciliz – Where the Mountains Reach the Sky

2. Ah Ciliz – Aura of the Old-Growth

3. Ah Ciliz – Ghost Years

4. Griefthorn – The Path of Sorrow

5. Griefthorn – Through the Forest of Ancient Oak

6. Griefthorn – My Last Glimpse of Hope

7. Griefthorn – Into the Cold Winter Night


Ah Ciliz is:


Ah Ciliz – Guitars, Bass, Vocals.

Marco Ceccarelli – Drums


Griefthorn is:


Ulv – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer

Karmageddon – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Facebook:


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September 14, 2014


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