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From the land della Vecchia Signora, the breathtaking city of Turin, Amaze Knight is a very interesting progressive metal band which released the full-length album “The Key” in 2013. I’ve read the band’s quote on this release and I’d like to share it with you: “The result of their work is a concept album describing emotions, experiences and considerations through a common story which bounds one song to the other, with a varied and unpredictable sound, caused by the many different musical influence each member of the band brings with himself.” So, have they tried to fool us or not?


There’s not really suspense on this website, correct? Of course I loved the album. I’m only adding the reviews of bands I liked because I personally feel like not “badmouthing” a band. I know, a bad review isn’t really badmouthing, but, you know, one word can destroy a whole work and I wouldn’t really like to be the culprit of such tragedy simply because an album didn’t fill my tastes. So, “let’s talk” about what you’ve come here for, the review of Amaze Knight.


Amaze Knight - The Key - Foto band


First thing you notice is that there’s lot of experimentation going on here. I’m not talking about the weird sounds that are randomly added, but rather with the instruments, with the sound they produce, and you feel like they are talented and know what they are exactly doing. Second, it’s hard to release a progressive album that might please most metal listeners, some find them boring, some find them not technical enough, it is hard, but, in my personal opinion, a very modest view, I think that they’ve managed to accomplish, with precision, the point of releasing an album that will please both fans of very technical musicians as well as others that care more about the “catchiness” of the songs. Third, the lyrics are very deep, as it was mentioned on the band’s biography, they are indeed very emotional and personal.


The music features many constant change of melodies, psychedelic as well as atmospheric elements, a jazzy feel at times, it’s really amazing. One more thing that I would like to praise, as I’ve already praised all instrumentalists, I believe, I’d also like to say that the vocalist handles the work very well! He has a very good voice and, although you can sense the inspirations from singers like Fabio Lione or James LaBrie, he doesn’t try to sound like them, to copy them.




You can download this album for free on the Amaze Knight’s Bandcamp page. And, if you like them, tell your friends about them. Every “share” on Facebook or whatever social media you use counts for them. This band deserves more attention, they’re indeed very talented. It has been a big pleasure to listen to “The Key”


Take care of yourselves!


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Amaze Knight


Album: The Key (2013)


Label: Independent




1. Imprisoned (Shadows Past)

2. Restless Soul

3. Heartless

4. Liberation (The Reflection)

5. Liberation (A New Day)


Amaze Knight is:


Fabrizio Aseglio – Vocals

Christian Dimasi – Guitars / Vocals

Davide Gemello – Keyboards

Nicolò Vese – Bass

Michele Scotti – Drums

Special Session Member: Max Tempia – Keyboards


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

June 22, 2014


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