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Amken – Adrenaline Shot


And I’ve finally returned to the Thrash Genre, as requested by some of the readers, and with an outstanding release, the EP “Adrenaline Shot” by the Greeks Amken. Here’s what they have to say about themselves: What happens when four crazy fellows join forces in the heart of the Greek metal scene? Blood-pumping, fast-paced bay area thrash combined with that notorius teutonic drive; all under the veil of the much appreciated old-school feel. The band entered Made In Hell Studio in February 2014 where debut EP ‘Adrenaline Shot’ was produced by French engineer David Prudent (Astarte, Mentally Defiled, Fadom). The cover artwork was designed by American artist Bill Hauser (Hirax, Ghoul).




Thrash Metal, much like any other musical genre, must be played and created with skill and honesty. I think it’s less difficult to mask the flaws when it comes to other genres, but with Thrash, if you don’t have the spirit, the music will end up sucking. That’s not the case with Amken. They play genuine, straightforward, authentic Thrash Metal. It’s fast, dirty, exciting, thrilling, simply amazing. You feel like you want to destroy everything in front of you.


CD Photo


The music is catchy, filled with great riffing, a meaty bass, commendable drumming, very cool solos and those freaking awesome high pitched Thrash Metal vocals, screaming throughout the songs. This is a very tight release, but still floats very smoothly, in a natural progression, almost organic. Of course there’s the 80’s atmosphere, influenced by acts as Testament or Kreator, but, as I’ve, in some sort of way, mentioned before, this isn’t a mere clone of the classic ones, Amken is working on its own identity and I believe they have succeeded with “Adrenaline Shot”.




When it comes to the production, this release doesn’t disappoint either, all instruments and vocals are audible, everything sounds clear, turning the listening experience into something even more pleasant. I invite you, my dear friends, to take some time to listen to this EP, giving Amken a chance and, if the music is what you enjoy, I humbly ask you to support the band the way that is in your hands.


Adrenaline Shot FrontCover


Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Amken


Album: Adrenaline Shot – EP – 2014


Label: Independent




1. Adrenaline Shot

2. Zombie Pets

3. Nightmares

4. God’s Asleep


Amken is:


Sokratis Bebis – Drums

Giannis Karakoulias – Guitars

Vanias Apostolopoulos – Vocals, Guitars

Kostas Triantafullou – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Soundcloud:


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November 15, 2014


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