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An interview with Abigail/ Barbatos…

01 – Hails Yasuyuki! I have to say I never thought I’d be interviewing you! Thank you very much for this. I hope that this interview can give the readers some general impressions over your bands and yourself as well. First of all, please, introduce yourself to our readers/ listeners.


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – Hails ! I’m Yasuyuki from Abigail. Playing bass/vokills and compose all songs this band. Abigail was formed in january 92 by Youhei(Drums) and me. We are playing 20 years same line up. Also I’m playing side project bands Barbatos, Cut throat, Tiger junkies.


02 – The latest Abigail full-length album, Sweet Baby Metal Slut, was released in 2009 (actually, I’m listening to it while typing this interview – Sweet Bloody Cunt now). When do you think we will be able to listen to a new Abigail full-length album?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – Yes we will record new album on next year. Album title is “The final damnation”. I composed 10 new songs already. I think new album will back to our roots black metal style like Intercourse and lust album.


03 – Abigail releases many live albums, it’s practically a trademark, “Alive in…”. I personally wish that I could own ALL of them, but, to tell you the truth, it is impossible. Why does Abigail release so many live albums?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – I love live albums like Bulldozer “Alive in italy”, Motorhead “Live at hammersmith”. We played gigs many countries so far. I decided release memorial live albums. But I don’t release any live albums without HMSS records in the future.


04 – Barbartos is chaos, one great band with a very heavy sound. How would you differ Abigail from Barbatos?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – Barbatos is metal punk band. More simple guitar riffs than Abigail. Influenced from Venom, Discharge, The Exploited, GBH, Misfits, Mentors, etc. Now I’m recording new album. New songs are mixed punk feeling with heavy metal lead guitars. I hope you enjoy this new sounds !


05 – Let’s talk about Cut Throat now, a project that also features Shinichi and Mirai from Sigh. (Now I’m listening to Satan’s Revenge Live!!! is album I enjoy listening to because Abigail, Barbatos and Cut Throat). What can you tell us about Cut Throat? Is the band still active?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – Cut Throat is not dead yet. We haven’t playing gigs since 2000. Because we(Sigh and Abigail) are so busy for own bands. But I hope play again gigs near future. Also “Thrash metal slaughter” CD version will out on Hells vomit records very soon !


06 – You and Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind have a band named Tiger Junkies. Tell us a bit about this band and also, how’s the band’s situation? I know you both are busy with your bands, but what’s the possibility of having new Tiger Junkies material?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – Tiger junkies is punk rock project Joel and me. 1st album and 7’ep were recorded at my room by portable hard disk recorder. This band influenced from Discharge, Motorhead, GG Allin, Misfits, Venom. We reocrded 6 new songs last year. 2 songs released already the 3 way split LP with Bludwulf and Children of technology. Rest 4 songs will out picture 12’ep on Destroy records very soon. Title is “Green tea or die !”. It’s contain 4 dirty rock’n roll traxs ! Can’t wait out.


07 – This is a question that fits all of your bands. How is the composition work? Do you write the lyrics first and then the music? Do you have to be on a special mood to compose or do you just sit around somewhere and decides to compose something?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – I’m reading American porno magazine before compose songs for inspiration. Ha ha. Especially lyrics is influenced from it. “My girl friend with other guy”, “Baby I’m your man”, etc. Also influenced from 80’s black metal bands like Venom, Sodom, Bulldozer, Carnivore, Mentors.


08 – From all the releases you have been a part of, is there one are you most proud of? Also, is there anything you’d like to change on a past release nowadays?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – Keep playing thrash and black metal. It’s never change.


09 – You have played and still play on several bands, which leads, of course, to different line-up changes over the years. How do you deal with that as you have to integrate yourself to new people?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – I’m playing with Youhei(Abigail drums) 20 years. He is understand Abigail sounds and I trust him. Also I’m using many session musicians(Metal and punks) for Barbatos. But it’s fresh and can find new inspiration. Very fun play with new musicians.


10 – Have you ever thought about or would you like a classical Japanese tour around the world featuring Abigail, Sabbat and Sigh? Do you think something like that would ever be possible? Besides that, does Abigail or Barbatos have any touring plans that you can tell us now?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – Never thought world tour with Sigh and Sabbat so far. Bacause very hard make schedule. If big organizer help everything, maybe it’s possible?


11 – Some personal questions now. I read once that you like watching Takeshi Kitano’s movies. I’m a big fan as well. Which ones are you favorites and also which ones would you recommend for first time watchers? By the way, Kitano has an amazing body of work composed with movies that are violent, funny or sad. Do you enjoy watching all of his movies, meaning the comedy ones like Kikujiro or the drama ones like Dolls or the Yakuza classic only? By the way, what did you think about the new ones like Autoreiji?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – I love Takeshi Kitano movie ! I watched his new movie “Outrage beyond”. It was great yakuza movie. My favorite his movie is “Sonachine”. But he is very famous comedian in japan.


12 – Connected to the previous question, Japanese culture is very well-known around the world. What else, besides Kitano would you recommend? Do you enjoy the movies of Takashi Miike or some of the extreme stuff by Katsuya Matsumura, Teruo Ishii, for example? And what about classics Kinji Fukasaku and Akira Kurosawa? Still on Japan, but literature now, do you enjoy the works of Yukio Mishima? What do you think about his seppuku?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – I love Yukio Mishima. He is real samurai. Isoroku Yamamot is true warrior the World war 2. I enjoy the marshall arts like Karate, kick boxing, and Pro wrestling like Tiger mask, Antonio Inoki, Atsushi Onita, etc. But I don’t know it’s popular without japan.


13 – Hard question, considering your lyrics: beer, sex, metal, if you were obliged to give up on one of them which one would you choose? Hehe.


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – Love songs ! Ha ha.


14 – And now for something different (not), let’s talk about beer. Which is the best beer you’ve ever tasted? And if it’s not a Japanese brand, what’s the best Japanese beer you enjoy? And the Japanese whisky, would you recommend it for whisky fans?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – My favorite beers are Asahi super DRY, Kirin Ichibanshibori. I recommend High ball whisky. It’s mixed whisky and sider. Very cool ! Banzai Suntory whisky !


15 – Again, thank you very much for this interview. I’ve been a fan for many years and this has been an opportunity I’ve been waiting for a long time. Any last words for our listeners?


Yasuyuki Suzuki/ Abigail – Thanks for the interview ! Abigail is planning USA tour on 2013. I hope meet many metal maniacs in here. Beer ! Metal ! Sex !


April 14, 2014


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