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01 – Greetings, Fabban! Thank you very much for taking your time to answer the MetalCast Show interview. It’s really an honour for me to interview a musician whose music I’ve been admiring for over a decade. As usual, I’d like you to, please, introduce yourself to our readers/ listeners.


Aborym/ Fabban: The pleasure is mine man! I appreciate you saying that. What should I say about myself? I play in this band since 1993 and I’m very happy and proud to continuing doing this. I have the best expectations possible, especially in this very hectic period, since we are recording our sixth album. It’s always exciting to enter the studio again.


02 – What I’m sure most people want to know is information about Aborym’s new release. Of course I don’t want you to spoil the surprises, but, musically speaking, could you give us some hints of what we can expect from this album? Will there be more electronic or extreme metal elements?


Aborym/ Fabban: Right now it sounds very similar to With No Human Intervention album, but we did 20% of the work right now, so everything at its time. It’s going to be a step forward into experimentation put into extreme music. It’s not black metal, I like to call it electro-industrial metal.


We’ve crossed limits and standard clichés a number of times but it seems this time we are going to release something really unexpected and awesome. I’m fuckin’ stocked, really. It’s gonna be something really special and weird. Something I don’t suggest to non-open-minded people, absolutely. We’re all looking forward to putting together what we feel will be the next best Aborym record.


I’m excited about it. We really dumped our heart and souls into it, as we did the last time with Psychogrotesque, but this one is real special to all of us. We really tried to step it up in terms of the whole overall message, to make a solid record from beginning to end. I think we did that. Now, we really want to finish its recording and to spread our new shit to our fans and supporters all over the world.


03 –  One more time I’d like to ask you something, but without spoiling the surprises as well. Could you tell us a bit about the concepts behind this new release as well as your inspirations for it?


Aborym/ Fabban: New album’s material has been inspired by the city life and its chaotic dynamics and criteria, its vices, temptations and its people. I’ve decided to move to Los Angeles in order to write its lyrics… just to feel a completely different reality, since LA is completely different from Rome. It’s not a concept as we did on Psychogrotesque but all the lyrics deal about real life, people’s real problems, people’s daily inner turbulences, crisis and people’s madness. Something you can feel just walking on the streets or while travelling in a train or in the subway in a big city.. This is the daily hell, and many people accept to live in hell since they accept it everyday and in every moment of their life. I saw very weird things while hangin’around the city, trust me, and all this shit represents a huge inspiration for me. Personally people’s damaged minds scare me more then Satan, demons or whatever. I really think men’s biggest problem is himself.


04 – MetalCast Show/Marcus – In a way, this question can be considered connected to the previous one… I heard an interview with you, a few months ago, in which you stated that “looking at people was an inspiration for you, that you actually liked looking at people, on the subway, for example”. I found this very interesting as I often look at random people on the streets, while I’m driving, and I keep on imaging how are their lives, if they have friends, families, if they’re happy, what they do for a living, I do that all the time, so, in a way, I connected to your statement. Could you tell us how this happens, meaning: do you have to be on a certain state of mind; can this be applied to any human being you see; what inspires you more when looking at them, their eyes, their actions, words or silence?


Aborym/ Fabban: When I meet people in the subway or in the streets I feel so attracted by watching the state of emptiness in their eyes. It seems they are like zombies. They are chained, it seems they are surviving in a very sick and wrong system. But they can’t do nothing. Sometimes it’s funny, especially when I hear their bullshit or their conversations. Sometimes I think to be wrong, and.. i mean.. I think that maybe I am the one with real problems, maybe it’s me.. maybe other people is sane and cool.. I really like to observe ‘em, to “study” them. And as I told ya before, fuck.. this is a great inspiration for me, especially when I have to write lyrics and music. I always use to hang out with my mp3 recorded to fix ideas in everywhere I go and sometimes I use to type ideas or short lyrics on my smart phone. I hate to forget ideas. I love ideas and they come when they decide to come…


05 – Back to the new album, I have to admit that your native language, Italian, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful languages. For me, when the bands use their native idioms to express themselves, this always add some more flavors. Can you tell us if there will be songs in Italian on the new album?


Aborym/ Fabban: Thank you.. Hmm, no, I wrote all the new lyrics in English. I don’t like to run through things I’ve already done. But, yes, it seems lots of people loved that part in Italian on Psychogrotesque. I used Italian since my French is crap eh eh (the original lyrics was written by Lautreamont..). But, ya, the result is cool anyway… I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, coming from fans and magazines..


06 – Skilled and talented artists complete Aborym’s line-up. How did you get to know and invite to join the Aborym camp Faust, whose is a legendary drummer, as well as Hell:I0:Kabbalus, mastermind of the amazing band Kalki Avatara?


Aborym/ Fabban: We are good friends, that’s why I invited him to join Aborym. For me it’s a basic thing to have a good relationship and friendship with people you have to work and play with. As fare regard Paolo, well, is doing great things with his Hour of Penance band. Right now they are touring US with Cannibal Corpse. He’s a very talented musician, a great person and a good friend too.


07 – From the many of your interviews that I’ve read, I sensed that you don’t really like to talk about the past, but I’d like to ask you a few things about Malfeitor. I remember that when I listened to Unio Mystica Maxima, I was blown-away. I remember you stating that you don’t want to the obscure world of Malfeitor. Were the band and its themes/ inspirations affecting you personally, if I may ask?


Aborym/ Fabban: We can talk about the past. I’ve no problems with that actually, but basically I’d prefer to talk about the present and future. Malfeitor has been a very interesting experience in my life, something strictly connected with a very hard and dark period of my life. That experience must be considered dead and gone. Personally i don’t want to play black metal anymore. We recorded 2 very awesome albums. That’s it. I want to dedicate all my time and energy to Aborym exclusively.


08 – Again, in a way, connected to the previous question, have you stopped with your esoteric studies? If not, what are the main themes, fields and authors that you prefer studying more deeply?


Aborym/ Fabban: I dedicated 5 years of my life on it. I had very cool experiences but it’s better to stop, when it’s time. I don’t need to go ahead. Better to concentrate on different things in my life.


09 – One thing that you’ve stated before and I have to say that I agree completely (that’s why I’d like this to be in this interview) is about hard drugs. As you’ve said, I too have seen many destroy their brains/ lives with such things. Could you elaborate more on this subject for the Aborym fans?


Aborym/ Fabban: Well, years ago, back in the 2000 our aim was to become as fucked up as possible and see if we could get through the recordings and live shows. it was and a bullet proofing effect before a album’ recording. But hard drugs created lots of problems in the band, especially during the recordings sessions and song-writing times. At that time Attila (who played vocals with us) was arrested for drug possession too, it was while we were mixing With No Human Intervention album. We spent every week-ends taking chemicals and hard drugs all time.. and I remember to worst hangover ever. We had lots of fun of course, but after a while it was impossible to make music, to record or to make pre-recordings or live shows. It was a upchucking period eh eh.. I don’t give a fuck, but now I feel good, I quit with chemicals and hard stuff many years ago and I feel better. I like weed, I really like weed, but nothing more.


10 – Tells us a bit more about your other band, One-Eyed Jack and your work with Stridulation Records and also your work as a journalist.


Aborym/ Fabban: One-eyed Jack is a new band.. We play a very crazy and fucked’up mix of garage, punk and hard rock music.. Everything is at the beginning and now I’m very busy with Aborym, so I hope we will record our shit in 2013. Stridulation Records is my own record label I’ve run with Marc Urselli, a close friend of mine and sound engineer at Eastiside Sounds studio in NYC, and with Eirik. We are a new independent record label dedicated to fostering and supporting artists who have something to say and whose music challenges boundaries and flexes definitions… or just artists we love. We re working hard on this label and we really hope to start with our first release in 2013. In the meanwhile I’m writing for Rockerilla, one of the most important Italian music magazine. Life is very hectic as you can see..


11 – You are a Greenpeace volunteers/ activist. I personally work with Environmental Law and interesting enough, I’ve noticed a rise on the Metal community about the protection of our environment. How do you feel about this and how would you advice our readers/ listeners to join, in some sort of way, this cause?


Aborym/ Fabban: I really care about environment, it keeps us alive somehow… Earth is a fragile thing. So, when I got some spare time I use to help GP for their campaigns, doing graphics or whatever they ask me to do. It’s not a job and there aren’t any connections with politic, that’s why it’s ok for me.. It’s just common sense. Yes, I noticed a rise on the metal community, especially on the net, and that’s good. Even if sometimes I see excesses too. I mean, I see fanaticism sometimes. Lots of people talking about environment, but very few people really make real actions. Acta, non verba. Less bla bla bla, more facts.. ya know.. That’s what I think. Otherwise I’m very pessimistic under this point of view. I’m sure one day the planet will take its revenge. No hope ov salvation.


12 – Cinema is one of my passions. I’ve read that you like movies directed by Lynch, Jodorowsky, two of my favorite directors as well, but what about the Italian directors. You’ve stated once that Italian television is terrible, but I certainly believe that this should not be applied to the Italian cinema. And I’m not only talking about the gore or giallo masters, but also the classic ones that have influenced many others. How do you feel, overall, about the Italian cinema culture and are there any favorite directors and movies that you’d like to share with us?


Aborym/ Fabban: Italian tv sucks, yes, but truth of the matter is that tv-producers usually creates, produce and spread exaclty what people want to see. So, if Italian tv sucks it means lots of italians are really fucked up imbeciles eh eh..  As far regard the italian cinema, well things are completely different since we have such legendary directors like Fellini, Scola and unique and awesome directors like Pupi Avati, Bava, Fulci, D’Amato..and many others. Well, i would like to suggest you Pierpaolo Pasolini. I think he was one of the most incredible artist here in Italy, film director, poet, writer and intellectual. Have you ever seen some Selene movies or Moana’s?? you should do it man.. that’s another kind of shit, but it’s art eh eh.. Pure art!


13 – One more question that in a way is related to the past, but hey, during Aborym’s twenty years of duration, are there any regrets (musically speaking) or something that you’d change as well as what are your proudest moments with Aborym?


Aborym/ Fabban: I’m very proud to play with Paolo and Bard, they are amazing persons, close friends and I think everyone is so talented in this band and as a band, we’re so incredibly tight, like a family, and we play insanely well together. I putted together not only some of the nicest, coolest guys and the most talented guys out there. I mean, I can play with everyone but with Paolo and Bard I created a top-notch band eh eh… So i don’t have any regrets.. i love what with did from 1993, including nonsense or stupid things we said, including 5 awesome albums, concerts, club fighting, sex with groupies or whatever eh eh. I would have never believed anyone when I was a kid that one day I would grow up to be a member of a band like Aborym. I’m honoured to part of it. I’m super appreciative of the fans out there who have supported it.


14 – Again, I’d like to thank you for this interview. Keep on with the outstanding work you have been doing with Aborym over the last two decades, I’m sure many feel the same way. Do you have any last words for our readers/ listeners? And here’s to twenty years more.


Aborym/ Fabban: My big goal is to come out with the biggest Aborym record of all time. That’s my main goal in this band, I know we can do it. I just wanna thank you and our fan base that is just amazing. We couldn’t do this and wouldn’t be here without all of those people. I’m addicted to them: fans and cool people around the band are the best drug I’ve ever been addicted to, that’s cool.



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April 14, 2014


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