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An interview with Damiazell – Sabbat

1 – First of all, I’d to thank you very much for taking your time to answer the MetalCast Show interview. I have to say that I’ve been a big fan of yours for a very long time and so, it is an honour to interview you. Please, introduce yourself to our readers/ listeners.


I’m a guitar player of SABBAT since 2006. Before that, I had played in MAGNESIUM which was Samm’s band. He is a Gezol’s brother, so Gezol and Zorugerion are very old friend of mine.


2 – Damiazell, I’d like, please, to ask you about your guitar playing backgrounds. When did you start playing guitar, what lead you to play this instrument as well as the musicians that have influenced you?


I did when I was 15 years old. My favorite guitar players are Chuck Schuldiner, Glenn Tipton, K. K. Downing, Chris Holmes, Randy Piper, Mantas, Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, Ritchie Blackmore, and so on. They are great!


3 – Indeed those are great names. You have played live for Barbatos. I believe you still play as a live musician for the band? How did you meet Yasuyuki Suzuki and when were you asked to play live for Barbatos?


Jero invited me to the live show of ABIGAIL some years ago. When I went home after show, I met Yasuyuki at a station. I spoke to him. That was the first time, and he became my good friend soon. I don’t remember when I was asked to play. But I really enjoyed to play with them.


4 –That’s great to know. I’ve interviewed Yasuyuki and he’s a great guy, a funny person as well. Now, with Sabbat, you’ve played around many foreign countries. How was the reception from the fans? And how did you feel about being welcomed to countries that are so far from Japan? Any good memories that you’d like to share?


The reception was usually so-so before our show. After show, it becomes fuckin’ great! I have some good memories in each countries, but I cannot choose. I’m lucky. Thank them all!


5 – Damiazell, Sabbat’s last release, not talking the live albums, splits or even the DVD that was released now in 2014, but the full-length Sabbatrinity (an amazing album in my humble opinion) took place in 2011. Are there any plans to release a new album soon? If so, what can you tell about us? If there are no plans for a full-length, are there any plans for more splits or special releases?


We will not release a new album soon. We need enough time to make it. Some splits will be released. Sorry, I don’t know well about business hehe. I only play!


6 – Damiazell, what’s your opinion on illegal downloads or unauthorized fully uploaded albums and shows on youtube?


You know, I am helpless against them. But I believe the true fans of SABBAT buy our stuff.

7 – Yes, I do believe so as well, although some of Sabbat’s works are very, very hard to find. One of the bands I’d like to have all released material is Sabbat and I consider it almost an impossible task, hehe. I’d like to ask you about the two pseudonyms you have chosen, Damiazell and Ishidamien. Could you please tell us the stories behind them and how did those come about?


Temis was injured before the first  European tour of SABBAT in 1997. But they had to play in Tokyo before it. Gezol asked me that I was going to play with Temis at the 1 live show. I agreed and played. Before the show, I said to Gezol, “give me a stage name like yours”. He gave me “Ishidamian”. Using “a” is official. Not “e”. This name was just a joke.


Anyways, two guitars in SABBAT! Temis and me. I really had a good time.


Some years later, Gezol, Zorugelion and me recorded “Sabbatrinity” album. New line-up. I felt that using the name “Ishidamian” made people think I was a just guest player. So I told Gezol I wanted to change my stage name. He said, “OK, no problem”. And now, I’m Damiazell.


8 – That was a very informative answer. Damiazell, when you joined Sabbat, the band had been playing for about two decades. And you have been playing with them for quite a long time as well. We can clearly see that this line-up works very well and I believe that you all get along fine too. But first, when you joined the band, how it was for to learn the songs, to know how Sabbat works, etc.?


I had been a fan of them, so I had known their songs well. A main composer has been Gezol since 1984. I can ask him anytime when I have a question about playing. When I record new songs, Gezol tells me some request. But I’m free when I play in live shows.


9 – Again, Damiazell, thank for the very informative answer. Now, your opinion about the Japanese metal scene. You play on one of the most iconic Japanese metal bands. Having that in mind, how do you see it nowadays? Are there any bands that you find worthy to check that are still unknown to the public?


Haha, I don’t care about other bands. The Japanese metal scene is not good. Of course, I like some great bands in Japan, but it’s not my job to make people know them. Haha, I don’t care about other bands. The Japanese metal scene is not good. Of course, I like some great bands in Japan, but it’s not my job to make people know them.


10 – Yes, of course, it was just a matter of getting to know your tastes in Japanese music, not a job for you, but I understand you completely. Again a question about your tastes, about the human being. I’ve read that you’re a big beer fan and the same can be said about me. Which ones are your favorite Japanese beers and where do you think you tasted the best beers?


I love beer very very much, but I’m not particular about it. So I can enjoy all beers.

When we stayed at Iron Pegasus Records in Germany for European tour in 2008, we drank many kinds of beer. They were interesting. Germany is awesome! It was a very great experience for me!


11 – I think that Japan has one of the best movie industries, there were and there are great movies, directors and actors in Japan, from the classics to the most recent ones. Do you enjoy, overall, Japanese cinema? Are there any movies that you consider essential to be watched?


I’m not familiar with movies. But I can say I love Star Wars. That’s all, hehe.


12 – Damiazell, thank you very much for this interview. It has been very, very nice to get to know more about one of my favorite musicians. Do you have any last words for our listeners?


OK. Thank you very much for your strong support since 1984, haha! See you in our show! I’m not perfect. But if you can feel something good from my playing, that’s my pleasure.

April 16, 2014


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