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An Interview with Eoront…



I’d like to start this interview by stating that it’s a real pleasure for me to interview a band that I find its music fascinating. I also would like to thank you for taking your time to answer the following questions. Please, to begin our conversation, introduce yourself to our readers.


I am called Foltath and I am the guitarist and singer in Eoront at the moment.


On most of my interviews, my main goal is to present the band to new listeners, to new fans. In my humble opinion, your band’s sound is just what I enjoy listening to (very much so). If you can, when it comes to the music that you create on Eoront, describe us the sounds that your band gives birth to this world.


I really don’t like to characterize the sound in any strict way – such characterization encumbers you, puts you in the box and sticks all sorts of labels that can be really difficult to get rid of in the future. It is possible that Eoront’s genre will change from one release to another; it is possible that different listeners will call it totally different. Anyways, at this very moment I’d like to call it atmospheric black metal.


It is described that your lyrical themes are about journeys, rituals, fantasy, nature and that Eoront is a created world in an alternative Universe with own epos and legends, journeys, rituals, ceremonies and philosophy. Are the lyrics connected to this world that was created? Please, elaborate a bit more about the Eoront world as well as your lyrics.


They are connected, although not in a direct way. Almost all the lyrics are applicable to all the worlds and times, but yes, I’m inspired mainly by imaginary landscapes of my world, which are quite distant from all the ‘ungoods’ of our reality, from politics, from religions, from all the ethnic fighting and all such shit. Unquestionably, my world has its problems – all the alternative worlds do, however, they are more likely to thrill you like some kind of adventure, not making you dive into modern apathy. It is possible that someday, when I’m more experienced and my vocabulary and language are more extensive I will describe the world of Eoront in a form of a book.


In addition to the previous question, the band is originally from Krasnoyarsk, a city in Siberia. I have to add that this is one of the places I dream of visiting. Are you inspired by your surroundings? Besides this, if so, what inspires you when creating lyrics?


Definitely yes! I’m already used to name myself siberian, not russian, the country where I live – Siberia, not Russia. I’m really fond of our mountains, our steppes, our taiga forests, the lakes, the rivers – everything that represent the rich and beautiful siberian nature. I even have several ideas for bringing up some musical projects dedicated to Altai mountains.


Eoront’s albums have been self-released. How do you feel over this, do you feel that you need a major labor or it doesn’t matter to you? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of self-releasing your albums?


I think that musician guys who do not want to work with major labels are not exactly fair with themselves. Surely I want to work with some major label in my format, and I’m struggling to achieve such results. On the other hand, there are some some lesser labels which suit better in terms of ideology for one or another band. Take for example WOLFSGRIMM RECORDS from Germany which I’m planning to collaborate with in the near future.


Eoront used to be a “one-man band”. One other question that I often ask bands, well, one-man bands (which it doesn’t amaze me how many I’ve been interviewing lately!), is that there must be some advantages and disadvantages as well on this matter. Please, tell us something about this subject and why you decided to have more musicians in the band and not to be a one-man band anymore.


When you’re alone, ‘no one bothers you’, ‘nobody says how to do things’, ‘nobody pushes your hand with their ideas’, you make things your way, create the sound you want, change your genre the way you want, you pay for everything, you DON’T perform live – all these thing in a stable musical isolation. On the one hand it is cool and convenient; however for me all these feelings which embrace you when travel, dream, play this music on the stage together with friends are absolutely incomparable with anything. Now ALL of us remind me more of a family where everyone totally cares for each other than of some musical band. And this is really important.


Just by listening to your demo, Journey. Part I, released in 2012, you can clearly conclude that you had musical/ bands experience. Tell us what drove you to play metal, actually, not only to play metal, but also to listen to this genre, as well as, the bands and projects that you have been involved with.


I fell in love with heavy music in early 90-s following a small hint from my elder brother. I can’t think of some special reasons to listen or play this kind of music. That’s like finding the reason to like one dish or another. This music is simply MINE, that’s all. I’ve played in some local bands – the names of this bands probably cannot say much to anyone but citizens of nearest towns.




Does Eoront or you, the founding member hold any political ideology that you share musically? Do you actually care about politics at all? What about organized religion, what’s your stance on them?


No, I prefer not to connect my works neither with politics nor religion.


On your latest EP, “Д‘хаар”, released in 2013, it was featured some verses by Nikolay Gumilev. One more thing that I admire about Russia is the literature, there are some authors (or actually many of them) that created marvelous works. What other Russian writers/ poets are you particular fond of and would recommend to us?


I’m really fond of russian poetry of symbolists and acmeists of Russian Silver Age (fin de siècle), among which are Nikolai Gumilev, Konstantin Balmont, Valery Brusov, Zinaida Gippius, Marina Tsvetaeva.


Again, back to your other bands/ projects, you are a member of the band Frozenwoods. This band has released on album only in 2012 called “Echoes of the Winterforest”. It was very well-received by the critics. Do you think we’ll be able to listen to new material produced by this band soon?


Yes, the work on Frozenwoods second album is finished for a little bit more than a half. Can’t really say more regarding that.


What does the future hold for Eoront? Are you working on a new album, a tour, rearranging everything since the new members were added now in 2014, what can we expect from the band?


Nowadays we are doing all the things at the same time – we perform with the existing material on gigs in nearest cities, create new songs. We are planning a little tour to Siberian cities in the autumn. Also later this year we plan to release ‘Дхаар’ on the physical media featuring some new musical parts from our keyboard player, Valentina. If any more news come to pass, they will be published in our social network pages.


And we’ve reached the end of this interview. Once again I’d like to thank you very much for your answers as well as I wish you all the best. Please, do you have any last words for our listeners?


Thank you for your interest and for all the questions. ‘Let the Sun will always shine your auras! Khorns upp.’

May 29, 2014