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Greetings. First of all, I’d like to thank you very much for taking your time to answer this interview. As you know, I’ve been following your work for quite some time with much admiration, so, it’s indeed an honour to interview you. Please, I’d like to ask you to introduce yourself to our readers.


Hail and Kill! Thank you very much for the interview and sorry for delay! Usually I don´t answer interviews due lack of time, but your support is much appreciated. Well, I am the spectre behind EVIL, which was born for War in the end of 1994 and we spread cancer in the modern and decadent world for more than two decades!


The band has just released “Ashes of Old”, which features old and new songs. In my humble opinion, the final result is outstanding, showing how stronger the band has gotten with the years. How did you choose the songs to compose this album? How was the reception from the followers of Evil and how satisfied are you with the final result?


Ashes of Old is a musical journey through 20 years of history of EVIL. We have old songs composed during 1995/1997 and some new unreleased songs. Also, many of our old friend contributed for this album as Newton Schneer from Lebensessenz on intro, JFN of Absurd on poetry of “In the Bottomless Pit” and Azgorh of Drowning the Light on vocals of “Ashes of Old” song. We are very satisfied with the final result and we got a lot of pretty good feedbacks from the listeners.


Going back to the early days of Evil, I’d like to talk a bit about the history of the band. What lead you to create the band? What intentions did you have when Evil was founded? And, in some sort of way, which bands inspired you to go further into Extreme Metal and, eventually, creating Evil?


EVIL was a musical project founded by myself and my fallen brother Henrique “Black Goat”. Besides EVIL we were involved with other bands such as DETHRONED CHRIST, BAEL (1993) and SATANIC RITES (1992). In that time, our main musical influences were BURZUM, ABRUPTUM and GRAVELAND.




Looking back at the past and now, what are, in your opinion, the main differences between Evil twenty years ago and Evil nowadays? And, in your view, which were the most important releases for the band in any way? Be it about keeping the band alive, be it about progress or an album that is a landmark such as Ashes of Old. And please, let us know how important each one of them are.


I think every EVIL album has different and peculiar perspectives, most of EVIL discography was released in tape format during the 90´s and after 2000 some old songs were re-released in CD format. There is an natural evolution of EVIL since its beginning but nothing significative to so say, as EVIL reflects my own´s personality and ideas. I believe EVIL returned back to the ancient cult, into golden times of 90´s but keeping mature sound.


Related to the previous question, throughout Evil’s history, the band has released many splits with other respected and cult bands, such as Satanic Warmaster, Abigail and Drowning the Light, for example. It’s pleasing to see that bands from different countries and Black Metal outtakes were/ are interested in being involved with Evil’s music somehow. Tell us how did you managed to be in contact with so many musicians out there, especially during the times in which contact wasn’t so easy as it’s now, and how do you feel when they’re willing to release something with the band.


The idea for splits came in 1997, when Sinister Recs from Greece (rip) offered us to release a split LP between EVIL/MOONBLOOD and we recorded “Evil Storming Onwards to the Battlefield”. We sent that promo to the label but that split was cancelled because other members left EVIL during recording session, later in that time I used songs from “Evil Storming…” for a split-tape with CELESTIA. In 1998, EVIL became an one man band and I recorded new songs for split-tape “Fuck Peace! We´re At War!” with MOONBLOOD. A few years later, many other splits were recorded and all bands involved were/are my close friends ´till now, this is nothing but comradeship and brotherhood in the underground!


This is something that I’ve asked the band Goatpenis and I believe it applies to Evil as well, so, I ask you: when it comes to your releases, the recording quality of your albums has tremendously increased for some time now. It’s not over-polished or artificial, but still very good.  To what do you credit this?


During the first decade of EVIL´s history we haven´t access to a professional studio. “Hammerstorm” was the first album 100% recorded in a professional studio while “Arktogaa” was recorded in my home studio. All past releases were recorded in a very raw way and to be honest, I still love that old raw style!




Evil has just played in the Hot Shower Festival. I believe this was the first live show of the band. How was the whole experience? How was the reception from the attendees? And, do you intend to play live again?


To be honest I was never interested in playing live gigs. In 2012 we had our first live appearance as secret guests during an underground festival in Sao Paulo, but I don´t consider as our first live gig because we played one song and it was dedicated to our long time local comrades. In March 2015 we did our first live gig during the Hot Shower Fest IV and it was an amazing experience. We had the best time of our lives in Italy, the best food, drinking and the most beautiful places!!! Also, I was honoured to meet some of my oldest friends in real life as well as some good new friends… Definetly, Northern Italy Rules Supreme!!! As for further gigs, we will play our second massacre at Cathedral of the Black Goat, in Chicago/IL during the end of October 2016.


You also work with your own label, Hammer of Damnation. I personally can say that the material released by this label is of highly quality, not only when it comes to the bands, but also the material and, most importantly, the honesty and efficiency. Please, tell us a bit of how the label works, if any band interested can contact you to release an album as well as which genres do you cover the most.


Thanx for your words and support! I work with distribution services since 1995. In that time it was Pure Evil Productions which was the official distributor of early EVIL releases.The first release was EVIL’s debut demo “All Evil”,in southern winter of 1995.This demo was done in purest underground vein (around 1.000 xerocopies was made and distributed). Then,many others releases were done as different label names,but in the same underground spirit. Now, more than 20 years has passed and HAMMER OF DAMNATION keeps crushing with iron fist and natural arrogance the modern and decadent world.


I am not interested in receiving promotional stuffs as I am looking for bands to sign a pact with HOD by myself.


Thinking about the whole scene of nowadays, not only in South America, but when it comes to Black Metal in general, what are your thoughts about it? Do you feel that the scene or Black Metal itself has gotten better or worse? What are your thoughts about bands blending other styles in Black Metal that aren’t related to extreme music?


EVIL is a cancer tumour in pathetic BM circus of today! Less than 10% per cent of Black Metal still keeps its true essence from the 90´s, the rest is nothing worth of attention. Black Metal is intolerance and hatred…the rest is nothing!




You are also involved with other bands, could you please, for those that aren’t familiar with, mention them and the musical genres that they play? Also, can we expect any new releases from these bands in a near future?


Besides EVIL, I play in HAMMERGOAT  which started in early 2000 and line up consists on me on bass/backing vocals, Caio Wargun on drums/vocals and Fabio Daemon on Guitars. We have the first full lenght album “Regeneration Through Depopulation” and a 3 way split CD with Tundra and Detonator 666. We play Blackened Metal of Death inspired by old bands as Sarcofago, Beherit and Blasphemy. Also, I am involved in some other musical projects and only time will tell about them…


In all my interviews, this is the part where I ask a few things about the man behind the music. I also always state that it’s nothing intrusive, of course. And this is only concerning about what you’d like to share with us. Well, outside the music word, tell us what do you enjoy doing, favourite books or movies, as I mentioned, anything that you’d like to share with us. I know you also enjoy beers, which ones are your favourites?


Well, besides my works with EVIL, HAMMER OF DAMNATION became a professional label and we have a store-shop with a special place for drinking premium beers. These works takes most of my free time now. In the last year I had no time for reading good books or watching movies because I was studing and in the end of 2015 I left my private job to work exclusively with HOD and now I will have more free time to return back into a normal and simple life, so I think 2016 will be a great year for Hammer Of Damnation!


As for beers, we are surprised with new brazilian ones like Colorado, Invicta, Walls but traditional beers like Paulaner, Erdinger, Franziskaner, Carlsberg, Tuborg are a few worth to mention here…


Alas we reach the end of this interview. One more time, I’d like to thank you for your answers as well as wish the band and its members all the best in your personal and professional lives. Do you have any last words for our readers?


Thank you very much for interview and support! Expect for the worst!!!



January 18, 2016


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