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First, I must admit that it is indeed an immense pleasure to interview you. I deeply appreciate this, so thank you very much. Please, I kindly ask you to introduce yourself to our readers.


Kall: You’re welcome.


Your music, in my modest view as a fan, is beautiful and yet has a very unsettling atmosphere, something that truly made me love it. And music is a powerful weapon to represent feelings and to share your sentiments with the listener. What are your main goals when you create music and how do you do to transcend your goals into the music and consequently into the fans?


Kim/Henrik: We either got a clear idea of a song in an audial or lyrical form and then we try to puzzle our ideas together in our rehearsal space or we just improvise and jam together songs. After playing for so many years together improvising songs comes a lot easier, and we’ve found that that kind of creative process works well for us.


Fix: Personally, I’ll have an idea or a composition lurking in the back of my mind and while a lot of these flashes of inspiration been hard to materialize in the past, like Kim says, we’ve come to point where we know what to expect of each other and can complement our styles very well. As far as making the audience feel what I’m trying to convey… I feel that as long as we pour our souls into what we do, people will feel all the pain, frustration and subsequent liberation that has led us to where we are at the moment. How people choose to interpret it, however, is out of our control and thus I don’t really give a damn.




Connected to the previous question, this is something that I enjoy asking band members to get to know their thoughts over this. Even though it might not be the band’s intention, music helps us to go through hard times, difficult periods of our lives. If you may answer this, how music has helped you in any way? And how do you feel when you get to know that the music that you created has helped people to hold on/ to go on and to stand all these hardships? 


Kim: Creating is an obligation rather than a choice for me. It’s not any hobby but a way of life. Music is in everything everywhere and working with it has ruined be and my life countless times and continues to do so. It’s not about getting through anything. Life can be a hard time, how you get over it is entirely up to you but if you think about it for a moment you can surely estimate what my suggestion would be, haha. I have chosen to live in debt and poverty for half my life to be able to have enough time to create and be a part of what I am as well as being the person that I evolved into. Solitude and silence helps me breathe thus exist. The sounds that you hear and the words you read are never the way, but the result. I think that it is amusing that people feel helped by something they didn’t make with their own hands. If someone is that weak mentally to rely on someone else to be able to go on or hold onto something they still got an issue within themselves that I haven’t helped them with as they are prone to have their weakness triggered by other events eventually thus needing help again which means they haven’t been helped with their hardship still requires the same cure. However, if they realize a way to deal with their problems after hearing or reading something from me it makes me proud.


This is a question that might be related to the previous one, but related to you now. Please, let us know if there were moments in which you th ought about completely leaving the “music business”. And what about the positive moments, share with us, if you will, some of your favorite moments when playing with Kall or any other band that you have been playing with.


Kim/Henrik: Why leave? When you’re challenged it’s better to overcome than to flee from it. We’ve just started so thus far our only tour is probably the highlight of our career so far, and even some awesome rehearsal moments in Stockholm. Also the great chemistry as a band that has evolved since we became a full band is truly great.


Fix: Mainly, getting a full band together with people we can trust to perform and share our views on what this group should be about is the highlight for me so far. Kall has already existed for some time, however getting the boat afloat has taken some considerable time. Fortunately, now that we’re a firm group, the ball is rolling and our visions are within sight.




And what inspires you to create music?  What are the influences or feelings that drive you into making songs, be it about the musical side or the lyrical side? Do you have to be on a specific mood or place to work on your art?


Kim: Satan.


Fix/Henrik: Everyday life, with all the joy and misery it brings, brings with it enough inspiration to keep going. To be truly inspired and create something special, for me however, requires certain ways of escaping it.


I am completely aware that nothing in life is easy and when it comes to releasing music it can be particularly even more difficult, but I’ve been reading comments everywhere and this is obviously something that I relate as well, that people want to listen more material by Kall, that we all want a full-length album. Is the band thinking as well as working on this? When do you feel that we will be able to listen to more great compositions by Kall?


Kim: Yes, this is fully known by us as well, and we are always writing new material, and we rehearse at least once a week to improve upon it. A full-length is recorded as of August 2014 and will be mixed/mastered and released soon.




In addition to the previous question, and still on releases, there will be a split, as you’ve mentioned on your official page to be released in July/ August. What can you tell us about this?


Henrik: Our split will feature Kall, Obitus, Canopy and Harasai. It is part of a series of splits called Elemental Nightmares. It will feature 28 bands on seven 10″ splits. The awesome thing about these seven splits is that they are all part of one big piece of artwork, so put together will form one big picture. The release date for our split is the 25th of October. Don’t miss it!


The band went on a mini-tour with Vanhelga and Harakiri for the Sky, two bands that I also highly admire. It must have been a great concert. And, as far as I know, you’ve played your first show as Kall on this mini-tour. How was the reception from the fans and how do you feel about these gigs? How was it to see Kall finally playing live?


Kall: We got a good reception, and as it was our first tour we are happy with the results. It was nice to premier the songs for an audience and see that they worked in a live setting.


Fix: Primarily we got to see that the line-up we’ve put together is solid. Getting Phil and ACQ in the band was definitely the best choice we could have done, I feel. Playing these gigs, even under some bad circumstances, confirmed these thoughts.




A few weeks ago, before I interview a band, I read a few articles about the general society, how we have evolved in so many fields, but, most of us, are emptier nowadays. The sole goal of people is to own what’s the “hip”, what’s the “brand new”, what we are “told to own”, “you must have this now and later you must have that” and then we die. In a general way, not only in Sweden, but of course about Sweden if you feel like talking as well, what are your feelings and thoughts over nowadays society?


Fix: Nowadays society, like many others before it, has enslaved a willing mass of sheep into thinking they are in fact free to make their own choices. Just as these trains of thought you bring up can be found in society in large, our little scene of music bares most of these traits as well. But just as music helps in this enslavement, so has it proven it’s effect in making people aware enough to seek to destroy their chains. I can only hope that this system and the beliefs that built it will be ultimately destroyed. However, it looks fucking grim…


The part of the interview in which I invite musicians to talk a bit about their lives. I don’t ask you to go into details, nothing to invade your privacy, but rather, to tell us what are your favorite activities outside music, your main passions or goals in life. Please, let us know a bit about this.


Kim: Creating various drinks and enjoying them with or without good properly cooked food using good ingredients. Wandering and foraging. I’m passionate about everything that I do otherwise I wouldn’t do any of it and my goal is to sustain myself doing what I love regardless of what it may be, though pretty much everything is about creating something and the result of it. If you want to know more I’d recommend interviewing my personally for my other band since this is an interview about Kall and not exclusive to what I do, believe or know.




Of course we might have talked about this over this interview, but what do you feel that the future holds for Kall? How are you feeling about the band now, at this moment? Do you see a positive future (and I truly hope so) for the band?


Henrik: With the release of our first album, and more live-shows planned ahead I see our future as bright. We’re really satisfied with the album, and we hope that others will enjoy it as much as we do.


And so we reach the end of this interview. I’d like to thank you very much one more time for this opportunity and also to wish that you achieve your present and future goals. Do you have any last words for our readers?


Fix & Henrik: We’d like to personally thank all the people that have showed us such a great support thus far. We are dedicated to making the upcoming album and tour something special.


Kim: Thanks for the support!




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September 5, 2014


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