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An Interview with Nostalgie Depression…



Greetings over there. First, thank you very much for this interview, I appreciate it. It’s always great to talk to musicians that are trying to keep the flame alive. I kindly ask you to, please, introduce yourself to our readers.


A: Hello, thank you for the interview. I am Adramelejch of the Chilean band Nostalgie Depression, my genre is Black Metal / Ambient Depressive Black Metal and Black Metal. I have so far, 4 physical copies released: Two demos, one long lasting and one EP. I am a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and composer… my band is composed Adramelejch in all instruments and music, and three vocalists: Sturmgeist (UK), Satanic Tony (SWE) and Nero (GER). Me and 3 vocalists do the lyrics. Listen to this project, I can tell you will not be disappointed.


Could you please tell us the history of Nostalgie Depression, the reasons why you formed this band and what are the goals that you want to achieve with your music and, in some sort of way, which musicians have influenced your work?


A: Well, the story of Nostalgie Depression began a June 11, 2012, when the sun did not shine as sadness and cold reigned. I decided to do Black Metal for my main influence is Burzum, many years before had also thought about doing a project but I was afraid (as I am an insecure type) fail at what I like to do, anyway I play several instruments, so also I decided to found Nostalgie Depression, I heard the first song of Burzum, when I was 11 or 12 years, I do not remember very well, but from there begins to speak, a romance and an approach to this type of music, after listening to Burzum. My goals with this band is that my music is known around the world, releasing albums with good quality and deliver it to the people who suffer, the people who feel the pain, people who have no hope… My music will that people who do not have comfort and perhaps in the future, with my music, they may find that dark, cold comfort they need. Burzum and Mayhem have influenced me by his music and his particular history they have in common, I think I know is what excites me more… Those melodies of both bands will never forget my mind and life.




In 2014, you’ve released the album November Moon, an album that I greatly enjoyed, with an amazing atmosphere and honesty. Tell us what this album means to you, how was the composition work and how was it received by the admirers of your music?


A: Yes, “November Moon” is the most emotionally honest and good work. Is a step forward in my writing songs and melodically this album has exceeded my expectations. My Satanic vocalist Tony has done an amazing job on vocals, he is a flawless work of music, my respect and best wishes for him, I know he will read this. Well, the work of composition of this album and all the albums is a bit tiring but “happy” … in my mind there was only rain, storms and deadly depression, those feelings born album “November Moon”. This album has everything from melody to the deepest sadness … technically speaking, the album is more developed in terms of guitars, keyboards, environment and all that stuff. People have received good from what I know, much liked the combination of melody, brutality, darkness, depression and sadness … and voices. I feel satisfied with what I have done and hope many more people can listen to my album. I invite you to listen and enjoy what “November Moon” to offer.


I’ve checked out and your next release will feature songs in Spanish, correct? Why did you prefer to have songs in English for November Moon and now you’ll have Spanish lyrics for Lamentos de la Tierra Lugubre. I must admit to you that I prefer to listen to bands singing in their native language, although there’s the language barrier, which can be avoided with lyrics in English. What’s your opinion on this?


A: Well, I decided to make this EP in Spanish because my main influence is Uaral, Chilean band … now I have two ways to do this … When are EP’s only acoustic guitar will be in Spanish. When they are songs with drums, guitars, basses, and all these things will be in English .. but do not rule make a long-lasting in Spanish, but that would have to have a Spanish-speaking vocalist. Songs and albums in Spanish and English work, when one product is quality delivery are only names in my opinion.




What’s your opinion on the quality of the production of the albums? Do you think that a low-fi production could affect the number of people that might listen to your releases? I’m pretty sure you don’t care about how many people are listening to your music, otherwise you’d play other musical style and not the real, honest and emotional ambient black metal with depressive mood, but, no matter what, this is an issue for some people anyways. What do you think about this?


A: The production quality of the album in my opinion is optimal… and actually, I think that the quality does not affect the product when the songs are good… There’s shit in the best quality and remain shit, you know, are screwed with what they do, the quality will not affect or absolutely improve anything, so answering the question, I think that people like that are good, and if the band is good but has poor quality, you’ll hear just as. Well, I do not think the quality of a song change the genre of a band… I’ve seen many people who like well-known bands, and fans prefer to listen to demos and rare songs on the original version … these are things that spend on stuff tastes there is nothing written, no one is guided by a system that says: “You should listen to this because it has better quality”… everyone is free to listen to what they want…


I believe you’re signed to Depressive Illusions Records, right? The label owned by Sergiy Fjordsson of Moloch fame. If so, how did this happen? Are you satisfied with this label and Sergiy Fjordsson’s work so far?


A: Yes, the label with which I work is Depressive Illusions Records Sergiy. Well, when I was contacted through his Email … Previously had found the label page on facebook and there looked for your email. It was quite a normal procedure, I told her I needed to release my album, he told me to send him a song, then said he was interested and I sent all the standard information, and so did all … After it was discovered that the Moloch (which is one of my influences in music) and everything was fantastic. I am more than satisfied with Depressive Illusions Records and Sergiy is fantastic because in a matter of days the whole album is done … It’s very efficient.




Whenever I interview a band that plays this musical style, I’m tempted to ask about depression, something many of us, and by us I mean the human beings, not metal listeners or anything like, are experiencing a lot lately. Well, I believe that people can’t be depressed all the time and neither happy. As I’ve mentioned on a previous interview, I don’t think that happiness can be considered an everlasting state and neither can sadness. “Are you happy?” At times. “Are you sad?” At times. I just think that we live on a continuous state of “blandness”, with some happy and some sad times here and there, this isn’t sad per se, but rather life itself. Well, how do you feel over this and have you ever experienced the chemical process of depression?


A: In this question, I say a very own way of thinking .. I’ve always thought that happiness does not exist, only the good times, and about being sad or depressed, I’m average … I just do not delude me like all people never expect anything, never expect happiness … I’m like a soul “indifferent”, but was not obviously, but I am not surprised at all. This state of “softness” we experience is only because we believe it’s all over, the phrase “He who wants, can only” is very well related to this. I have been depressed many times, but I think at the time: “There is nothing I can not stand” – “This demon did not win me” and so go ahead … I transform my problems in strength to emerge.


How do you feel that is the Chilean metal scene? Do you think that you have a strong underground movement? One band that I really loved was/ is Uaral, but, sadly, it seems that they’ve ended the band… what do you think about their music?


A: Although I live in Chile and Chile now, I do not know the move of Black Metal in Chile. And I know, I think the move of Black Metal in Chile is still not strong … Well, I always waited to be asked about a Uaral interview haha … to me that is the most beautiful Uaral experience music I have heard in Chile, every melody reflects me fields and southern Chile, is the country every lyric lament, steeped in despair. It is one of my biggest influences is the band that I like from all I hear, a song I recommend is “Acidal (tune for the garden in D minor).”




As mentioned on the previous question, Nostalgie Depression is a Chilean band. I have to say that I have a passion for the country. I’ve been there countless times and plan to go back another countless times as well, it’s indeed a beautiful place, with incredible nature and interesting history. Well, since I love this nation so much, I leave this space for you to tell us what are your favorite places and cities to visit over there, what you must see, the great wines that are produced there, anything that you’d like to share with us.


A: I agree with you when you say that Chile is a beautiful country, I have toured several parts in and out of Santiago is the capital, and I can safely say that is the most beautiful I’ve seen, the story is very interesting since colonial times, the country’s culture, music, native peoples, are very beautiful things … people here are a bit envious, selfish, greedy, but can be kind, sympathetic and nice … I think, I’m not a lover of the people of Chile, I love you just the geography, scenery, history, food, music, but people do not. My favorite places in Chile are “Valparaiso, Concepcion, Chillan” are the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve seen, but I’ll stick with Concepcion by far, is the most beautiful city I’ve seen, a lot of forest and beautiful landscapes are … ideal for inspiration. Wine is the best here, copper also, the sea here in Chile is totally sovereign and majestic … I think if I tell them the magic that exists in Chile, only should come and meet miss.


This is the part of the interview in which I ask the musician I’m interviewing to let us know a bit more about him or her, to share with us some of your favorite activities, hobbies, books, movies, beer or wine, anything that you’d like to share with us.


A: My favorite activities are playing online, I play sports like basketball, as everyone knows, I am the mind behind Nostalgie Depression so I play several instruments, was reading books lately JW Goethe is my favorite author, formerly was reading biographies of composers of classical music, my favorite movies are the ones that are in sagas like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and all those movies so … Between Beer and Wine, I prefer Vodka. I see anime, I think is what entertains me more besides playing basketball. I used to play tennis but now with Nostalgie Depression, I am more sedentary, and I lost my physical condition, I like all kinds of music, I’m open to music genres, but always ahead Black Metal.




In your personal opinion, what do you think, what do you believe that the future holds for Nostalgie Depression? And what do you wish that will happen in the future with the band?


A: Well, my path is one for the moment, continue to keep making music and releasing albums, I want to become well known, but not to the point of being commercial … hopefully my music will be received by all who love black metal .. What happens in the future with Nostalgie Depression, depends on me, if I want I can finish this project, but it’s not my idea, I would like to leave a legacy in this scene and I’m sure that I will be able to make a bequest to my music in the Underground Black Metal.


And we reach the end of this interview. One more time I’d like to thank you very much for your answers and would like to wish you and the band nothing but the best in your present and future plans. Do you have any last words for our readers?


A: I would tell you … Thanks for the interview, maybe we will see in any review of a disc … To all my readers, I would like to tell you that listen Nostalgie Depression, because it has all the intense flame of black metal in their songs, it will not disappoint. While Adramelejch can make music, the flame will be intact.



August 15, 2014


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