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An Interview with O…



Initially I’d like to thank you very much for taking your time to answer this interview. I’m grateful for this. As usual, I ask you first to, please, introduce yourself to our readers.


First of, we thank you and your readers and we’re happy to catch up with you!


After previous experiences with other bands we started the project “O” in 2010, releasing a split  EP with the italians Hungry Like Rakovitz, which led us to our full length “Il Vuoto Perfetto” out on Grindpromotion rec. in 2012.


During this 4 years we focused on playing shows as much as possible for us, sharing the stage with the likes of Napalm Death, Unsane, The Secret, Hexis, Jungbluth, Necrodeath and more..


How is everything on O’s camp? After the release of Il Vuoto Perfetto in 2012, are you guys working on a new release, touring? If so, about the new release, do you have any date set for it? Meaning the present year or the next one.


Sadly we ran through some line up problems, in fact we had to change drummer during summer 2013 and as we speak, we are working on our next release planned for the end of the year, while relentlessly adding shows to our bill. This new record will be much darker and coherent than “Il Vuoto Perfetto” was, that’s all we can say at the moment.


Il Vuoto Perfetto is a nuclear bombardment. Aggressive and fast. Tell us a bit about the artists that have musically, in some sort of way, influenced the band, please.


We got deeply influenced by multiple artists, genres and concepts, so we wanted our music to be gloomy and fierce like black metal, fast and furious like grindcore and post hardcore are. Speaking in names, at that time Wolves In The Throne Room, Neurosis, Converge and Cripple Bastards where our spiritual shepherds.


Connected to the previous question what lead you to play black metal and also to mix black metal with grindcore? Anaal Nathrakh does it well and, in my humble opinion, so does O. What is your goal with your music?


The idea behind playing a mix of black metal and grindcore was born before O, it came from the fascinating spell that those genres cast on each of us. It was also the most visceral and natural way to express our selves by blending them in a whole sound. Obviously we developed many other tastes in music which are featured in some of our songs.


As for the lyrics, they’re in Italian and, as I always say, in my humble opinion it makes the band much more original and interesting. Could you share with us what are the main aspects that O covers. Also, I’ve read an interview that you did for an Italian website in which the interviewer believed that your lyrics were almost like a lyricism, poetry. Could you comment on that?


As told before, it’s all about being honest with the things we do, so lyrics are in our native language ‘cause of our need to express our emotions without compromise, adding a taste of lyricism but always keeping it real, you know..

We are aware that it may be difficult to understand completely what we say, but again it’s the only way to put every piece of us in our music.


Now let’s talk a bit about the band’s name O (which is the representation of the circular sign). Why did you decide on this and is there a philosophical significance behind it?


Behind O there’s the will not to relate the band name to a unique meaning, we want people to be free to interpretate and also the circular sign seemed fascinating estethically and philosophically.

For the five of us it stands as an atavic simbol of perpetual death and rebirth, an eternal return.


And what about the composition process? How dos it work for O? You might have, in some way, already answered it, but I’d like to know if the lyrics or the music come first, if the band members get together to work on a song or do you all work individually?


Composition it’s teamwork, starting from a couple of riffs we build up the songs while arranging or re-arranging and adding lyrics, as a matter of impression we discard all the weak ones.


This is a question I always ask bands that have released the début album and are working on the follow-up. Do you feel any sort of pressure to output yourselves?


We don’t feel any particular pressure on us, we are an underground band still needing to grow up professionally, although our sound is evolving with the line up change so we don’t know how it’ll end up, but we are pretty confident about the new stuff we are working on.


How do you feel is the Metal scene in Italy nowadays? For some years all we heard from Italy were Power Metal bands, but now there are many black, industrial, avant-garde, death metal bands that are rising to the knowledge of the metalheads. Do you feel that the scene is stronger nowadays? And also, do you feel that the bands respect and help each other?


Concerning power metal we can’t say much things ‘cause it’s really not in our taste, instead we can name you some bands that made it to the top, starting from the underground scene as we: The Secret, Ufomammut, Cripple Bastards, Zu.

The scene is crowded, it’s a weak and strong point at the same time.


The band decided to Il vuoto perfetto for free download on Bandcamp. How this choice has helped with the popularity of the band? If someone is looking for a physical version of it, is there a place that this person could order it?


We  usually sell our record at shows, so a free download helps spreading our message across the world, ‘course everyone can write to us for a physical copy, we’ll be glad to send it one way or another.


And now a question about the band members, what are your main preferences and activities or hobbies outside the music world? You live in a beautiful region, which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Could you tell our readers a bit about it as well?


We have different interests we like to share among us, cinema and literary tastes surely are what we have in common outside music.


We live in the north west of Italy, in a highland that is fascinating in a figurative way and at the same time discouraging in social terms. This is probably part of our need to express in an extreme way..


Alas we reach the end of this interview. One more time I want to thank you very much for this opportunity. I deeply appreciate it. Do you have any last words for our readers?


Again, thank you for the interest and the opportunity you gave us to share our knowledge, which is the most important thing for us inside and outside music.

May 15, 2014