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An Interview with Pryapisme

01 – Hi there. Thank you very much for taking your time to answer this interview. It’s a great pleasure for me to interview such an innovative and interesting band! Please, introduce yourself to our listeners.


Hi ! We are a French band, i guess it’s a good start. Or not if you think French people sucks. I do. So we are a band from the Galapagos Islands ( isn’t that more sexy that way uh ?). We begun in 2000 when we were at school trying to make music. The band was composed of two guys : one clever, me – cheers- who plays drums – my grandma would prefered i learnt piano to play nice music during the long galapagosian winter, but i rather wanted to be a little brat and play drums to be the shame of the family – and the other guy, Ban, the moron, who doesn’t answer to interviews but plays very well piano and has good relationships with his granny. Some years later, more musicians joined us because we gave them sausages. A few have quit because we are quite a nuisance if you feed us after midnight, or because they simply died : one exploded on stage, another one put his head in a circular saw to see if it was really sharp, the third one kills himself when he discovered that Pluto was no longer a planet…  And here we are, trying to conquer the world.


02 – The current year, 2014, you’ve released Blastbit Rococollider, a very unique composition. How satisfied are you with Blastbit Rococollider? How was the response from the critics and fan concerning particularly this release? And, thinking about all of your albums, where would you rank the latest one compared to Rococo Holocaust and Hyperblast Supercollider?


Blastbit Rococollider is some kind of chiptune rearrangements of songs from our last two albums. We use to put chiptune sounds in our composition – even in the full-lenght albums – because we really enjoy it, and we listen lot’s of pure chiptune music, by actual artists or through original soundtracks of old videogames from our childhood. The idea was to make a true chiptune EP without any real instrument. It’s sounds like a remix album in that way, alternative versions of our tracks. I don’t know if fans have appreciate it 100 %, but it wasn’t meant to be a real album, more like a gift, or a funny bridge between our compositions and a big influence of ours.


03 – Why did you decide to release Blastbit Rococollider on tape? Is this something related to the nostalgic feeling of 8 bit games or that tapes are becoming popular again among metal/ experimental music fans?


To be honest, i didn’t know that tapes are becomming popular in the metal community. At the very beginning we wanted to make an album on a real NES cartridge, like a game, but it’s very complicated to realize and also very expensive compared to the tape. Tape was a good second choice because the format have a good 80’s vibe which fits totally with 8bit sounds and it’s way cheaper. Also we didn’t want to release a CD, just a free digital release and a few funny pink tapes to conclude with a nice object.


04 – I’ve read that you’re composing new music for Pryapisme. I am aware that it’s still early to ask, but, could you give us some idea about how will it sound? For those that liked your “older” releases better and those who enjoyed the newest releases more, what do you plan to do with the band? Can we expect something in the vein of Hyperblast Supercollider and Rococo Holocaust or do you plan to keep experimenting like in Blastbit Rococollider?

I can’t tell you more about the next album; at this point, there is almost nothing recorded. All i can tell you is that this will be a « real album »by Pryapisme, i mean with real pieces of instruments inside and not 100 % electronic or chiptune sounding tracks. So it will be more like Hyperblast Supercollider and Rococo Holocaust than Blastbit Rococolider but i guess it’ll be still different in many ways.


05 – After much praised releases, does the band feel some sort of pressure to create a new record? In fact, how important are the critics for you? I personally believe that Pryapisme is the kind of band that will release whatever is going on in your minds, no matter what style or insanity level, but, still, do you feel some pressure?


It’s a good question because i wonder a few times during the composing process, if it will please an audience who enjoyed Hyperblast for example ? if i had the right to put these part or this one?  And the answer was « yes, absolutely !! ». If one day we start putting ourselves bundaries, it will be the end of the band. But i must admit the question was asked at some point. Of course critics are always important but in the case of Pryapisme, either you really like either you hate. I guess whatever we do we will receive those sorts of reactions and it’s ok for us. So, no pressure for the future except putting one or two nice piano parts to be sure the granny of our keyboardist will still give him his legacy – which is not so much : just a huge collection of vinyls of Barbra Streisand. He’s sure he will sell them on eBay to repay half of his soul that he lost on

poker the last time he was drunk.


06 – Speaking of that, how is Pryapisme’s composing process? Does the band have to sit down and start working on the material together and on an occasion simply for this or do you keep on creating no matter where you are at, being it alone or with another band member?


There is no absolute method, most of the time one guy of the band compose almost everything and the others can put some additionnal arrangements if they want, if it’s needed. Some tracks were composed by two people. One start with a melodic or a bass line and the other put the rest for example. There are no rules and that’s the point.


07 – For anyone that is new to your music, which Pryapisme’s album they should start with? Do you think that starting chronologically would be a good idea?


I guess i have a lack of room to respond to that question; I really don’t know. I would advise to start with Hyperblast Supercollider because i think it’s a little bit catchier and it sounds better to me, but maybe tomorrow i could say something different.


08 – Unfortunately there are many people that haven’t attended a Pryapisme concert. Perhaps some of them will never do, due to personal circumstances. Can you tell us how is Pryapisme’s gig as well as what can the fans expect from the band when attending your show? Plus, what does the band expect from the fans attending your concert?


We play live rearranged versions of our tracks, some parts are longer to put additionnal guitar solos because guitarists have always this need to show off in front of the beautiful girls in first row – i never understood that because the drummer never see the beautiful girls in the first row, he just sees stupid flashy lights and the strange face of the bassist telling he needs to pee so we have to stop after the next track…. never mind. Also some keyboard sounds are a bit different, we try to play the electronic parts with the instruments or with live machines rather than press play on a computer and drink beers. – we usually drink beers between tracks but it does not count. Also we use to play lot’s of wrong notes and drum glitches. That’s not because we are not good enough that because it’s Jazz. That’s anti-neo-post-modernism, but most people can’t understand…ok, maybe we have to drink less beers before the show. Seriously, the songs are not exactly the same that on the album but we try to put more energy in it, some kind of a danceable version of our tracks. We are very pleased when people dance but i guess it’s difficult if they don’t know the tracks already . What we expect ? Some good interactions, people who enjoy, nothing very original, we are just happy to see happy faces.


09 – The band features a lot of pictures with cats. Sure this means that you like cats (I love them as well), but is there also deeper meaning concerning this constant presence of cats on your releases?


The history of the cats in Pryapisme comes from our first rehearshal room : We played in a cattery and lot’s of cats were here, purring during the breaks, and peeing on our amplifier and drumkits. When we played live at the time in concert halls we always bring a very discusting smell of ammonia, so it was our distinguishing mark. Also when the cat on the cover of Rococo Holocaust died, we wanted to give him a tribute by putting him on the disc. Nowadays, cats are still a big influence, sometimes i feel that we compose the music that cats would have made if they want to laugh at mankind with a disco hit. Something like that. This is truely evil creatures.


10 – Apart from some obvious influences, what/ who, in some sort of way influenced/ influences Pryapisme when it comes to writing/ composing music? Be it about movies, authors, composers/ musicians, video games, anything that you’d like to share with us.


I can’t respond for the others, but to me, i would say cinema and books are my biggest influences. I deeply enjoy great film makers like Jodorowsky, Leos Carax, Tarkovski, Shozin Fukui… also B movies is quite an influence in our music for the not-so-serious aspect of the band. About the books, i would say lot’s of philosophers as well as Sci-fi / Fantasy writers, and quantum physics popularizer. For example, a track from Hyperblast Supercollider was composed while reading «  The Fabric of the Cosmos » by Brian Greene and watching « The Holy mountain » by Jodorowsky…

And of course we love videogames from the 80’s and the sound of it. Also lot’s of composers influenced us : Randomly Ravel, Messian, Moussorvski, Satie, Zorn, Stavinsky, Kodaly, Chopin…

About other bands : Almost everything from Norvegian black metal to New york jazz across german electro-indus and Balinese music… It’s hard to say names without tell everybody.


11 – I always ask the musicians I interview about their tastes on beer, whisky, wine, depending on what are their favorite drinks. When it comes to Pryapisme, it’s mentioned, many times, red wine. Being a wine lover here as well, in your opinion, which wines are your favorites (or regions/ grapes, etc.) and that you’d recommend for our readers?


Yes we like red wine ! And cheese…. I didn’t use to recommend anything special, i thing everybody has different tastes so you have to test everything to know what do you prefer. To my opinion, wine from the south of France ( Languedoc-Roussillon / Grapes : Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan ) have some amazing surprises. Many in the bands also enjoy beers but i’m not an expert. But i never say no to a good Whisky . Specially Islay Scotch, very peatty.


12 – And that’s the end of the interview. I’d like to thank you very much one more for this opportunity as I truly appreciate your music. Do you have any last words for our readers?


We are always surprised that people like our music, it warms our hearts so thank you and thank the readers. For the last words i don’t feel so inspired today so i will steal a well-known but still important quote from a very rational African proverb : « The guy who swallow a coconut trust his anus ».

April 17, 2014


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