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Trollfest log


Greetings over there! It’s indeed a great honor to interview a band that is highly admired in its genre. For years I wanted to interview you. So, as usual, I ask you to please introduce yourself to our readers.


My name is Trollbank and I am the lead drummer in Trollfest. I write trollfest songs and help other Trollfest members with their home work in areas of mathematics and physics. Trollfest is a extreme metal band which incorporate folk music and other genres from all over the world in our crazy weirdo songs. We have been around for around 10 years and there are no reasons for not being around 10 more years.


You’ve just released your new album, Kaptein Kaos, now in 2014. I’d like to congratulate you because, in my humble opinion, the album is great. Please, let us know how the response from both fans and reviewers has been as well as tell us a bit about the recording process.


The response has been exactly what we wanted and expected. We have got lots of kick ass reviews and also bad reviews. Nothing in between or mediocre. The recording process was quite different than how we worked on our previous albums. We used a new studio for drums and mixing and we also used lots of new equipment and instruments, all in order to make something fresh and new. After almost 7 month in studio the result is a crispy and fresh folk metal album with lots of musical brilliance, humor, stupidity, craziness and highly intelligent song writing.


Tell us a bit about the music of album and your band’s sound, for those that aren’t familiar with Trollfest yet (I believe that there aren’t many left, but hey, a few of them might be reading this interview, hehe). Also, the albums lyrics feature, in a way, a story-telling, let us know a bit about Kaptein Kaos thematic.


The music on this album is a bit groovier than our previous albums. But it is still based in an organic extreme metal with folk influence from Eastern Europe and South America. We also incorporated something new on this album in means of Chinese folk music and Norse folk music.  The lyrics on this album tell a story about a mad scientist named Kaptain Kaos (he is a troll of course). He invents a time machine and travels back in time in order to fuck up history. For instance he impregnates the well known Maria 9 months B.C., he is the main reason for the fall of the Roman Empire and he also travel to the Stone Age and teach people how to use weapons.


I was reading some reviews about Kaptein Kaos and one that I had to save to ask you about it whenever I’d interview Trollfest is this one: “Trollfest kind of remind me of what Finntroll’s hyperactive little brother would be like. Where Finntroll is ditching class, drinking schnapps in his pickup with upperclassmen and talking about getting laid, Trollfest is pulling fire alarms and running around in circles and making school administrators consider bringing back corporal punishment. It’s like, meds haven’t worked and his teachers want to put a leash on him, but they know he’d chew right through it if they did. Which is to say what they do is manic.” I think this is an interesting way to view your music, but how do you feel over this statement? 


I think it’s a good statement. We have always heard that we sound like Finntroll. Personally I think that only applies to 3-4 of all our songs. But we are of course in the same musical direction and I like the thought of being a weirdo, childish all-over-the-top extreme band. So yeah, Finntrolls hyperactive little brother might be a good description.


It was stated that Trollfest wasn’t meant to be a band, but rather because you were tired of our music collection. When and why Trollfest became a, should I say…, serious or regular band and no longer a project just for you? (And I should say fortunately, otherwise we wouldn’t have known your music!)


Between the Villanden album and the En Qvest for den Hellige Gral album we started thinking about the possibility to bring the band further. After signing with NoiseArt records we saw the potential of the band and then we wanted to push the band as much as possible and see how far we could get.


And connected to the previous question, did you ever thought, when creating the project and then becoming a band that you’d celebrate a decade of existence, playing tours and festivals, releasing praised albums and reaching a very respectable level of popularity at the metal scene?


Not at all! We had other projects we believed in. This was all more serious stuff. But as time went by, all those projects died and Trollfest was the last band standing for us. So this band went from being our 10th priority to priority number 1. We never thought about playing shows or touring the first 3-4 years. The fact that people started buying our records was also a big surprise back then. But I think that is a part of our success, not taking ourselves too seriously and having a down to earth approach.


I’ve read that you just played your last show on the current European tour, but do you have any other dates set for the future in order to promote Kaptein Kaos, not only in Europe, but in other continents as well?


We recently did a headliner tour in Europe, which went very well. In the near future we will play some shows in Norway and some summer festivals in Europe. We have no plans for other continents yet, but we hope to bring our Kaotic new live performance to as many continents as possible.


As a band, what were your biggest and most proud moments? And since we are on this subject, which moments you feel were the worse (of course those that you can share) and things that you believe you’d change if you had the chance to?


One of the biggest moments must be playing our show number 100 at the House of Blues in Hollywood. It’s one of the most legendary venues out there and it was an honor to play there. When we started the band we didn’t have any goals or expectations. So it was an insane experience to play that venue. In general being able to tour and play concert while people are traveling far to see us, showing up in costumes and sing along with our song makes me very proud. I have no interest in wanting to change anything that we have done. We have to learn the hard way and bad experiences results in wisdom and the possibility to make better decisions at a later point. Sounds like a self realization book, but it´s true.




Trollfest has released many praised albums. We know that Trollfest is a fun band, but you take the music seriously. Having that in mind does the band feel some sort of pressure to create a new record? How pressured (or not) you felt when recording Kaptein Kaos?


We did not feel any pressure from the outside world. What motivates us is to always improve our song writing and the overall sound of the band. This is a first and foremost a personal thing. We are serious musicians who always want to involve and become better instrumentalists and song writers. I guess many people think we are only about humor and drinking, but we take our music very serious.


And we all know the love that Trollfest have for the almighty alcohol (the cause and the solution to all of our problems). What would be the drink of choice for Trollfest as if a living entity and your personal drink of choice as well?


Gin and tonic always works for everything. So it’s the ultimate solution and answer.


A fun question just for the hell of it. It will only work if you’re a Seinfeld fan (a show I’ve been obsessed with for the last twenty years). How would try to find out what’s the tractor story may be? And how would you get gonorrhea out of a tractor?


I guess the gearshift might be a disease carrier for people trying out new ways to satisfy themselves.


And we’ve reach the end of this interview. I hope you enjoyed answering this little conversation as well as that the fans enjoy reading it. One more time I’d like you to thank you very much for the opportunity and also to wish the best for the band. Any last words for our readers?


Thanks for the interview! And for all the readers and music lovers out there, check out our music if you want to hear something different. Stream, buy or steal! Hope you like it! And the last word is: conjugation.

May 25, 2014