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Azaghal – Madon sanat



I’ve told this story many times on the previous zines and podcast I’ve contributed with, but allow me to re-tell it once again. Azaghal is a band that I discovered completely by luck. It was still the time that we had to go to the local metal shop to get to know new bands and buy the albums. I remembered that I saw the album “Helvetin yhdeksän piiriä” and I liked the cover-art, the quality of the booklet, nothing more than that. I was in a hurry and didn’t even ask to listen to the album. Bought it. I forgot it for a few days and, on a Sunday, I decided to listen to it. My friends, a passion was instantly created for Azaghal’s music. Since then, I’ve collected their albums and, whenever possible, attended the shows. Well, I’ve tried the same with other bands, but I had no luck, they were terrible. I shall not mention their names.




So, Azaghal has just released a new album, their eleventh full-length release in the band’s twenty years history (counting the year that Azaghal was under different names as well). “Madon sanat” represents the true self of the dark compositions of this band, explosive atmosphere, insane drumming, fast guitars, blasphemous vocals, cold compositions and an epic feel. Even though, yes, it’s a continuation of the band’s characteristic extreme music, it doesn’t mean stagnation or anything like that. You can sense that this is an Azaghal release, but with distinction from the previous releases. The music is savage, raw and absolutely sick.




Much like the music presented in “Madon sanat” the production is also raw, but no, it’s not lo-fi or anything that you’ll have to make an effort to be able to listen to the details of the compositions, actually it’s clean for this type of Black Metal release, but not that much either. Can you understand what I mean? I’m sorry, I have a terrible headache now. All in all, it sounds perfectly fine. Right now I am listening to the album again and I must add that it has a grandiose touch, a daring and oppressive impression. This is indeed an album that should be heard by any Black Metal listener.




I close my thoughts with the always mentioned phrases that are, please, I ask you to give Azaghal a try, especially Madon sanat and if you like what you hear, I urge you to find a way to support and promote this band that has been around for almost two decades, never compromising themselves.




Take care.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Azaghal


Album: Madon sanat (2015)


Label: Hammer of Hate Records




  1. VSKP (Intro)
  2. Thanatos
  3. Madon sanat
  4. Ruton enkeli
  5. Kielletty sakramentti
  6. Rutto Saatanan aseena tätä maailmaa vastaan
  7. Ziggurat
  8. Kanavoija
  9. Varjokuninkaat
  10. Uusi maailma, uusi mahti
  11. Käärmeen riitti


Azaghal is:


Narqath – Guitars

Niflungr – Vocals, Bass

Lima – Drums


Official Facebook:


All photos belong to their rightful owners

March 8, 2015


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  1. Beatrice says:

    Have Azaghal play here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America please!

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