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Bantoriak – Weedooism

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Presented as “Desert Heavy sound”, as it’s stated in the band’s biography, Bantoriak is a project by Izio Orsini, involving other Italian musicians, that follows the one vision of an experimental work influenced by psychedelic, doom and atmospheric sound. Beyond genres, it flows as hypnotic trip from the Ganges river to the California desert, reflecting the genuine approach on the musical taste, playing entirely with 70’s vintage and handcrafted instruments. Bantoriak is releasing its latest album now in 2015.




Named Weedooism, this release is a psychedelic trip throughout stoner and doom sounds. Its hypnotic journey is filled with chants and a heavy bass, leading you with intoxicating riffs and an arresting atmosphere. Slow, calm and mesmerizing, Weedooism flows naturally, organic. This is not the type of sinister Doom Metal, but rather the type of music that you listen to when you need a relaxation. If you enjoy 70’s rock music, this is the album for you.




We have many bands playing this type of music, with the danger of an over-saturation, and only the best stands out, obviously. I do think that, by the creations shown in Weedooism, Bantoriak deserves a place among the bands that are bringing something new for the style. Perhaps the only negative part of this release, if we can call is negative, is that it’s a bit short; Weedooism left me wanting to listen to more music. And to finalize the description/ feelings over this release, this is an album recommended to those that enjoy Earth, Om and Sleep.




The production is very good as well; all instruments are audible and remember, this was recorded with 70’s vintage and handcrafted instruments. I close my thoughts doing what I always do, asking you to check Bantoriak’s music out and, if you like what they have presented, please, find a way to support and promote the band. I do think they deserve it.




Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Bantoriak


Album: Weedooism (2015)


Label: Argonauta Records




01 – Entering the Temple

02 – Lysergic Tantra

03 – Try to Sleep

04 – Hidden Number Two

05 – Smoke the Magma

06 – Chant of the Stones


Bantoriak is:


Izio Orsini – everything

Fabio – drums

Guest vocals – Rosy (Profanal) and Giacomo (Isaak)


Official Facebook:


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March 11, 2015


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