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Bastard Feast – Osculum Infame



Hailing from the city of Portland, Oregon, Bastard Feast is a band that mixes several musical styles in their music, which we’ll talk about later. This band is signed to the famous French label Season of Mist and has released two full-length albums already, Fear in a Handful of Dust in 2011 (when the band was still named Elitist) and Osculum Infame now in 2014.




As I often do, I first talk about how the album feels, then I try to describe a bit about the music itself. This is, in my humble opinion, a nihilist, chaotic and grandiose release. Filled with misanthropic and vicious feelings, “Osculum Infame” is, in a positive way, unsettling, obscure and morbid. Cruel, ferocious and perverse, “Osculum Infame” manages to put together, much like the musical styles, different negative sentiments of hatred and outrage.




And when it comes to the music, we have many elements and influences here, of all extreme sides, Death Metal, Sludge, Black Metal, Hardcore, Crust, all sounding abrasive, dark, experimental and atmospheric. The music is brutal, fast, technical and vile, with many vocal variations, distorted and insane riffs, great drumming and bass work, all put together creating an intense work of brutality and inhumanity. In my modest view, “Osculum Infame” sounds fascinating.




About the album’s production, there’s a raw approach, but yet it is very clear and pleasant to the ears, as you’re able to fully enjoy all instruments and vocals. Now I ask you, my cherished readers, to check Bastard Feast and, if you like their music, to support them the way that is possible for you, be it about buying an album or spreading the word about the band’s releases.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Bastard Feast


Album: Osculum Infame (2014)


Label: Season of Mist




1. Bloated City

2. Old Father

3. The Rats Through Our Veins

4. The Serpent

5. Noose of Smoke

6. A Tribute to What We Stole

7. Watchful Defiler

8. Claustrophobic of This World

9. Fields of Black Cancer

10. Synthetic Messiah


Bastard Feast is:


Jesse Dylan Aspy – Bass

Nick Parks – Drums

Justin Yaquinto – Guitars

Taylor Robinson – Guitars

Josh Greene – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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December 16, 2014


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