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Black Monolith – Passenger



Black Monolith is an American one-man Black Metal band, with post and crust punk influences. Formed in the year 2010, the band released a Demo EP in 2011, which I haven’t heard yet, but I’ll correct this mistake soon. In 2014, Gary Bettencourt, mastermind of the band, made possible for us to listen to the Black Monolith’s début album, named Passenger.


I’ll let you know already what I thought about the album. It’s freaking incredible. It feels like an attack by a sonic weapon to the ears. I am absolutely stunned by the venomous music that Black Monolith created. There’s rage, sorrow, fury, brutality, aggression, it’s not for those that would like to listen to some ambient relaxing black metal (yes, I like the genre as well, I’m simply telling you that “Passenger is like a nuclear bombardment, it’s music that you listen to when you feel like destroying everything in front of you). But there are also moments of beauty and elegance as well, contrasting with all the anger you feel in the release.




A bit more about the music itself and not how the album “feels”, we have here, as I mentioned before, raw, crude black metal with some post influences and punk. Featuring guitar distortion, tremolo picking, reverberating guitars, blast-beats, psychotic black metal shrieks, all merging punk, hardcore, post-metal in a Black Metal album, turning this unique and fascinating. I’m really digging “Passenger”.


The album’s production is a bit lo-fi, a dibit dirty, but this completely fits the music that Black Monolith created. A band that deserves more listeners, so, I ask you to give this band a chance and, if you enjoy their music, as I did, to support them the way that is possible for you, as I always point out.




Take care.


Grade: 9,3/10


Band: Black Monolith


Album: Passenger (2014)


Label: All Black Recording Company




1. Intro/Void

2. Dead Hand

3. Adhere

4. Victims & Hangmen

5. Gold Watch

6. Eris


Black Monolith is:


Gary Bettencourt – Everything


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:

October 25, 2014


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