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Burweed – Hide

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It seems like today is Finland day here on Metal-Maniac. Usually I review/ share my thoughts about one band per day, due to the many stressful works I have, otherwise I’d write more, but, the day I decide to write about one more release, both bands are Finnish. Perhaps I’m in Finland phase right now… a country I’ve always liked anyways. Well, back to what’s important, Burweed is an Atmospheric Sludge Metal/ Post-Hardcore from Karhula founded in 2009. Now, in 2015, their début full-length album, Hide, comes to light.




I have always enjoyed the musical style that Burnweed plays, but, before listening to Hide, I hadn’t heard Sludge music for quite some time. I was a bit unsure, thinking if I didn’t like to this genre anymore because I grew out of it. Fortunately, Hide showed that it wasn’t the case; Hide, with its quality and distinction, made me feel like listening to Sludge Metal again. AS you have obviously concluded, this release, in my modest view, is one hell of a work, filled with intensity and sentiment. Featuring clean and the characteristic harsh vocals, outstanding instrumentals and a powerful atmosphere, amazingly catchy riffs, Hide takes you into a journey through different feelings, moods and landscapes. It’s the kind of album that you lay down while listening to it, then close your eyes and dream.




As for the production of Hide, we are able to listen to a masterful work, all truly greatly recorded and mixed; all instruments and vocals are clearly listenable. Another positive aspect of this superb release.




And I end my thoughts on Hide by doing what I always do, asking you to check their music and by liking their works, please, support the band, support the label, find a way to help promoting the underground as, in my humble view, they completely deserve our help by keeping the exceptional extreme music alive.




Have a good day.


Promo kindly provided by Joni Kantoniemi – Inverse Music Group


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Burweed


Album: Hide (2015)


Label: Inverse Records




  1. Swallow
  2. Lye
  3. Lie
  4. Dilate
  5. Tire Iron
  6. Hide/Defend


Burweed is:


Eetu Lehtinen – Bass, Vocals

Toni Raukola – Guitars, Vocals

Lauri Tattari – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

March 1, 2015


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