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Conjuro Nuclear – ♄

Conjuro Nuclear – ♄     I got to know Conjuro Nuclear’s music when I reviewed the band’s sophomore album in 2014, self-entitled. The band’s music impressed me and I have decided to follow its artistic path and, so far, this Barcelona act has not disappointed me at all. In fact, instead of being stagnated, repeating itself in every single release or decreasing its quality, I have sensed that Conjuro Nuclear creativity and skills have developed through the years. The…

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Mur – Heartworn

  Mur – Heartworn   “Heartworn is a concept album based on the ancient ecological rhythms of North American animal migration and its related themes – recorded in the winter of 2015/2016 in an off-grid location in pastoral Minnesota powered with solar electricity and heated only with a wood stove.   Mass waterfowl exoduses, desperate fish spawns, and the oldest, earthly symbols of snake life-cycles are among the focus of this work. Heartworn, is centered around the themes of migration,…

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Quercus – Heart with Bread

  Quercus – Heart with Bread   “We are looking up to the nature and life, we are looking up to the pipe organ, to the instrument of thousand voices. Symbols of passing time and eternity. Touches of aeons.   We feel the need to celebrate both of these elaborated mechanism, nature and organ.   In the temple we find nature, in the nature we find the temple. Both are transcended by great symphonic harmony.   There is also melancholy…

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Lord Vicar – Gates of Flesh

  Lord Vicar – Gates of Flesh   I do not enjoy the term “fan”, as it reminds me of blinding following a person, no matter how awful their acts might be. However, I could say, with no hesitation, that I am an admirer of Kimi Kärki’s compositions. Ever since he was in the almighty band Reverend Bizarre I have been following his musical career. Well, along with the talented musicians he works with, and, obviously, Lord Vicar is no…

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Isolert – No Hope, No Light… Only Death

  Isolert – No Hope, No Light… Only Death   I don’t need to talk about the importance of Greece for the western civilization development. And neither about their metal scene. This country has presented us some of the best Black Metal albums up to date. There is an element in Greek Metal that highly appeals to me, that is the occult, a mysterious aura. I am not talking about their themes, as obviously those differ from band to band,…

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