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Amestigon – Thier

  Austria is the home of some of the most interesting and unique extreme metal bands. The quality of many of these bands are simply overwhelming, in my modest opinion, of course. I do not think it is needed to mention which ones, as I believe many of you have in mind which musicians I am talking about. Featuring names that are members, or former members, of some of these groups, Amestigon has been a truly underrated band. Their compelling,…

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The Meads of Asphodel/ Tjolgtjar – Taste the Divine Wrath

  It has been quite some years since I have been following The Meads of Asphodel works. One of the most interesting, unique and inventive bands in the Extreme Metal scene that, in my modest opinion, have not reached its due deserved audience. However, thinking better, their music is perhaps highly experimental to “please” a larger audience, although quality and creativity are words that can be applied to their compositions with no doubt. Apart from that, Metatron has shown to…

read all June 3, 2015

Barbatos – Straight Metal War

  At long last, Japan’s BARBATOS returns with their first album in nearly a decade, “Straight Metal War”! A prolific force on the split-release front, “Straight Metal War” is BARBATOS’ fifth album to date in 17 years of existence, and their first for HELLS HEADBANGERS. Helmed by Abigail mainman Yasuyuki, BARBATOS have become cult legends in the metal underground with their uniquely filthy ‘n’ sleazy brand of blackened heavy metal/punk. Possessed by sex, drinks, and metal, Yasuyuki here extols the…

read all June 2, 2015

Neo Noir – Neo-Noir

  Whenever you have a bad day, music will always improve it in its limitations, of course. Today has been a terrible day for me, as some of the readers of this website know; I have had a horrible year concerning my health, lung problems, surgery, another one schedule and more respiratory issues to overcome. These are the times in which I prefer to be left alone; nothing cheers me up, except for music. And discovering new bands is indeed…

read all June 1, 2015

Öxxö Xööx – Nämïdäë

  Fascinated by stories about parallel worlds, the beginnings of Öxxö Xööx were centered upon the question of life in other words than ours. I cannot quote their entire description, but it is quite an interest read. Öxxö Xööx is (or was) one that I have heard about so many times, but, for some reason, I did not give its due deserved attention, until now. Since reading their biography, I searched for some interviews, mostly in French (I can read…

read all May 31, 2015
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