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After All – Rejection Overruled

  After All aren’t exactly new kids on the block. Formed in 1988, these Belgian thrashers released their first 7 inch EP in 1992, followed by their first full album in 1995. By 2009, six more critically acclaimed albums and four more EPs had followed, supported through European tours with well-known acts such as King Diamond, Anthrax, Overkill, Destruction, Agent Steel, Stone Sour, Testament, Exodus, Sepultura, and many more – and playing highprofile festivals such as Graspop Metal Meeting (with…

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Eschatos – The Grand Noir

  As I have mentioned many times here, I love to travel and the Baltic countries are among my next destinations. There is something about them that attracts me, which draws my attention. And hailing from Latvia, one of the nations I want to visit the most, as soon as possible (due to a lung surgery, I cannot travel for a few more months), Eschatos has just released a new record, titled “The Grand Noir”.     I believe I…

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Ionic Bond – Amavashya Lore

  Today I will be sharing some thoughts about a Bangladeshi band. However, how is the scene in this country? Well, from what I have heard and read it is quite big, with many bands to be discovered. I admit that I am not that familiar with it, but as I am always willing to learn more and more, some friends from the mentioned nation are teaching me about it.     In fact, Bangladesh is one country that I…

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Obsequiae – Aria of Vernal Tombs

  Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Obsequiae was originally founded as Autumnal Winds in 1998. After an interval of time inactive, the band returned in 2007 with their new name. In 2011, Obsequiae released the great album “Suspended in the Brume of Eos” and now, four years later, they return with “Aria of Vernal Tombs”.     This is a band that I discorevered only recently, actually bout a week only, recommended by a friend. I heard their material and was…

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Halfdream – Imaginarium

  Halfdream is a one man band from Brazil created in 2012 by Marcelo Murata. As it is described at the official Facebook page, Marcelo Murata is responsible for the guitars, programming (bass, piano, drums and strings), song writing, producing, audio engineering, designing, but he is not your barista at a local Starbucks. I am always interested in do it yourself metal bands and, from the description of Halfdream’s sound, I felt almost compelled to listen to it “right now”…

read all May 22, 2015
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