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In their own words, as specified on their biography, Celeste plays a mix of Sludge/ Post-hardcore with Black Metal and Doom hints. Darkness is really the word that fits to the band. They are a very particular band live as they play in total darkness, only using red headlights and a strobe for their performances. Created in the year 2005, in beautiful Lyon, Celeste has already released the following albums: an EP named Pessimiste(s) in 2007 and, in one year after another, Nihiliste(s), Misanthrope(s) and Morte(s) Nee(s). After a three years break from new releases, in 2013 Animale(s) was made.




First of all, I have to say that this band has very interesting lyrics, if you understand French, great, you’ll be able to enjoy them fully, if you don’t, try some online translator, the experience won’t be the same, but you’ll get the idea. Really, this is something I ask of you to fully appreciate Animale(s). Just to let you know, it’s about a tragic love between a young boy and a girl, told in a very poetic and elegant way.




As for the music, this is, in my opinion, unlike their previous releases, the most Black Metal influenced, but never losing touch with its Post-Hardcore and Sludge. The music feels very decadent, dark, with an almost exhausting atmosphere and that French Metal touch that can not be explained, but rather detected when heard. You feel the abandonment, revolt, the coldness and tension of the whole concept into the music. It’s simply a fantastic work. Animale(s) is vicious, ugly, grim, but, at the same time, sensational, profound, intense and inspiring.




The music itself, and I prefer to quote the band one more time, or better, their biography on Facebook, is definitely for fans of Breach, Neurosis, old Cult of Luna or Deathspell Omega. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s tense atmosphere, but also some calmer parts, all crafted by tremolo dissonant guitars, the anguish screams by Johan, a heavy use of bass and fast drumming. The use of noise makes the music even more violent. Although there’s a feeling of suffocation and despair and also ugliness and hopelessness in the music this is, in fact, an alluring release.




The production work of Animale(s) is outstanding, nothing else to add, it would be a waste of time. I love this work so much that I decided to review it, even though I’m focusing on 2014 albums, while Animale(s) was released last year, but I truly believe they deserve one more positive opinion or view, whatever you think it fits better. I end this article by begging all of you to support Celeste in which way you can. Simply one of the best bands in France and, who knows, maybe around the globe.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Celeste


Album: Animale(s) (2013)


Label: Denovali Records




1. Laissé pour compte comme un bâtard

2. Au pied d’une bicoque peu séduisante

3. Sans crainte de s’avouer un jour naufragée

4. (X)

5. Tes âmes soeurs immaculées

6. Dans ta salive, sur sa peau


Disc 2

1. D’errances en inimitiés

2. Cette silhouette paumée et délabrée qui sanglote et meurt

3. Empreinte d’érotisme

4. (Y)

5. Serrés comme son cœur lacéré

6. Outro


Celeste is:


Antoine – Bass

Royer – Drums

Guillaume – Guitars

Johan – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bigcartel:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

November 12, 2014


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