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Contrarian is a young Progressive Death Metal band founded in 2014 in Rochester, New York. The band consist of many experienced musicians and released, last year, their début EP named Predestined. Here’s some information about Contrarian founded on Facebook: Contrarian is a Progressive Death Metal, Avant-Garde Death Metal project. Our first album, Predestined, was recorded at Watchman Studios in Lockport, NY with all production (engineering, mixing, mastering) done by Doug White. The artwork for the Predestined album cover was done by Marco Hasmann. We are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where you can get the latest news and listen to some of our music.




When I read the description of the band’s music, I immediately thought, that’s exactly that, in paper, I’d love. So, I decided to check the EP and I was static, they did everything with perfection! Well, in my humble opinion, of course. I’m simply stunned, the music created by Contrarian is so freaking good, I don’t even know how to complete this sentence. It’s just amazing. I’m listening to it as I type this and it’s distracting because I feel like this is eargasm inducing. I always have to stop to enjoy the music again.




In my modest view, Contrarian is tastefully composed, with high creativity, resulting in an outstanding, unique, gorgeous work of extreme art. Sure there is a negative aspect… I always have an issue with EPs, that is the ones containing great music, they’re a bit short and I need to listen to more material. And when it comes to Contrarian’s Predestined, it almost feels like an addicted needing its fix of no matter what this addiction is. I’m in love with the material. At least there’s some relief for all of us that enjoy their music, the band is already working on a new EP, called Polemic.




It’s indeed impressive to see how diverse the music is in Predestined, at times atmospheric, at times more extreme, with many breaks and surprises here and there, beautiful riffs, amazing bass lines, incredible drumming, in the way how it fits so well the music, and fascinating deep guttural vocals. One more time, the music is very dynamic and a fresh of breath air in the genre. There’s not one single moment in which you think that it’s becoming boring. And neither that there’s too much weirdness going on for the sake of just being weird, there are some strange elements here and there, but all well-placed and constructed. I can not praise this high enough and neither describe everything that is going on, except that it’s a catchy, creative and utterly interesting release.




The production is also another element of Predestined that should be praised, a superb work here as well. My dear friends, please, if you are looking for something different, intriguing and well-composed, please, give Contrarian a try. The EP is available to be heard at their official Bandcamp page. And if you like their music, I beg of you to support, to promote this band in any way that is possible for you. The band completely deserves it.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Contrarian


Album: Predestined (EP – 2014)


Label: Independent




  1. Predestined
  2. Libertarian Manifesto
  3. Diogenes At Delphi


Contrarian is:


Ed Paulsen – Bass

George Kollias – Drums

Brian Mason – Guitars

Jim Tasikas – Guitars

Leon Macey – Guitars (lead)

Ryan Michael – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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April 8, 2015


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