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Dan Deagh Wealcan – Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?



And now for something completely different… we have today an international duo, Ukraine and Russia, named Dan Deagh Wealcan. This is a “playlist from the author”, arranged at free will, an attempt to embrace different styles and genres. After all, the music that’s in your headphones is important only for you… As I’m always interested in explore different musical moods, although, as everyone, I have my favorite ones, I decided to give Dan Deagh Wealcan and share with you some of my thoughts about their sophomore released, titled “Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?”




If you’re looking for something different, really unique and insane, this is the album for you. In my humble opinion, this is freaking great. The fusion of diverse musical genres is incredible; it’s a trip through different tastes and flavors. But if you’re thinking that this is not extreme enough, don’t fool yourself, my friend, there are darker approaches, even though, as already mentioned in the promo, but also very easy to sense, this is a calmer and philosophical album compared to their début. It’s also described for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Ministry, Porcupine Tree, Mike Patton and Devin Townsend. I believe they’ve hit the nail, indeed this can please anyone that is interested in different music, experimental, but not that is simply composed of weird songs, in the end becoming a mess, but rather a tasteful approach in particular directions.


dan deagh wealcan band photo


I was reading the duo’s biography and this was stated in the text that the main theses of composing tracks were: be unexpected, be expressive, do not limit yourself to the arrangements, do not repeat yourself, experiment constantly. In my humble opinion, this is the formula to creativity, the answer to create imaginative music. Of course it’s not easy to stick to these “rules”, but Dan Deagh Wealcan managed to show that it’s possible. As I’ve said before, they have crafted great music, but, of course, this is not for everyone. This is the kind of sound that needs a lot of listens in order to be able to “observe” every single intricate detail presented in “Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?”




Indeed, as cited in the beginning of this modest article, it is something different. Usually, I share my thoughts about Black Metal bands, mostly, with atmospheric and post elements as well, Doom, Sludge, Death and sometimes Thrash Metal, but I guess it’s nice to try to introduce my cherished readers to new sounds to be explored when we all are in particular moods for something diverse from what we usually listen to. And in this release, we have a blend of Post-Rock, Progressive, Industrial, Hardcore and Electronic. It is very hard to describe their music, I guess almost impossible, but all I can attest is that this is a very interesting experience. I recommend to all that are searching for different horizons. Don’t go by one song; listen to the album as an entity, that’s my suggestion. And I ask all of you to get to know Dan Deagh Wealcan and, if you like their work, please, support them.




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Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Dan Deagh Wealcan


Album: Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones? (2015)


Label: Total Metal Records




Anamorphic Widesound

Dogs In A Box

Easy Way – Long Way

No More Than Usual

Neutral Moresnet

What Was That?

Baseless Hatred

I Killed Everything That Was Good In Me

Endless Apathy


Dan Deagh Wealcan is:


Mikhail A. Repp – Music, Guitar, Programming, Keyboards

Eugene “Iowa” Zoidze-Mishchenko – Lyrics, Vocals


Official Facebook:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

April 27, 2015


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