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Hailing from beautiful Slovenia, Dekadent has just released an independent album, with the help of the fans, named Veritas. In their own words, Dekadent is a representation of individual expression, based on the foundations of extreme metal music. Not limited by any musical genre, the art of Dekadent does not avoid tasting the beauty and splendor of melody and exploiting it’s emotional vastness. It is not corrupted by the ideals of commercialism as it stands true to creativity and originality no matter the mainstream or public criteria. I’ve interviewed Dekadent for the MetalCast Show in 2012 and, since then, I’ve been following their works with much admiration for their thoughts and amazing music.




As you can see, I’m a sort of “new” fan, I do hate using this word, but for the lack of a better one, I’ll stick to it, fans for me means those crazy girls screaming at the latest musical trend, oh well, I digress… only three years and I was eagerly awaiting for a new full-length album that would be a “début” to me. And the day has come; Dekadent has released Veritas, an album that, in my humble opinion, exudes inspiration and brilliance.




Veritas is composed of triumphant moments, epic and chaotic, but also calming and gentle, all smoothly crafted with beauty and creativity… it’s very interesting to “see” that in Veritas the music, as mentioned, is very diverse, at times being so soothing and relaxing and then it gets intense, powerful and glorious. In times it’s blissful and auspicious, and then comes the dark moments, all blended exquisitely. Acoustic breaks, synths used just right, blasting drumming and killer guitars as well as skilled bass and the tortured vocals are some of the elements of this album. I’m an indeed highly impressed with this release.




As for the production, I sincerely believe that we also have another positive aspect of Veritas. All recordings are well-balanced and audible that it’s simply a pleasure to listen to it. I ask you now, my dear friends, to give Dekadent a try, to listen to their music, which you can do legally via their official Bandcamp page and, if you like their creation and I hope you do, please, support Dekadent, a honest and inventive band that deserves even more recognition.




Take care.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Dekadent


Album: Veritas (2015)


Label: Independent




  1. Of Acceptance and Unchanging
  2. Dead Mountain
  3. Pasijon
  4. Enervation’s End
  5. Valburga
  6. Beast Beneath the Skin
  7. Keeper’s Encomium


Dekadent is:


Artur Felicijan – Vocals, Guitars (lead), Synths

Typh – Drums

Gajwasz – Guitars

Drouth – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

March 31, 2015


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