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Downfall of Nur – Umbras de Barbagia



Argentina is a country that I enjoy visiting very often. It’s a country of contrasting nature, beautiful sceneries and great wine, getting to know from Buenos Aires up tp culminating in the breathtaking Ushuaia is a wonderful experience. And by that, I’ve always had a lot of contact with Argentinean metal, always buying CDs during my trips, from the traditional and well-known bands up to the extreme metal underground ones. And I truly believe that Argentinean Metal music such be more praised and recognized outside South America. The scene is big and there are indeed many interesting bands there, being Downfall of Nur one of them.




Downfall of Nur is a Black Metal band formed in 2013 in Valeria del Mar. Nur is the root of the name Nuraghe, which are the main type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia and developed by The Nuragic Civilization. Downfall of Nur basically means the fall of The Nuragic Civilization. After independently releasing a demo in 2013 and an EP named “Umbras e Forestas” last year, the band is now signed to Avantgarde Music and the début full-length album “Umbras de Barbagia” comes to light. And from this release I’ll share some thoughts about.




This is a superb work, while I listened to Umbras de Barbagia, I managed to be drawn away from everyday’s problems, it felt like a trip to different times and lands. The music, beautifully crafted, is exquisite and refined, even though the extreme and raw elements are all there. I am aware that many has already stated this, but I’ll have to be one more “voice” repeating that “Umbras de Barbagia” has a very epic feel, an atmosphere of sorrow and dissonant sounds that actually blends in finely. The “mix” of folk, black and atmospheric music can result into something already worn-out, made by many bands, so it’s a challenging task to keep it original and refreshing. In my humble opinion, Downfall of Nur accomplished this task and released a true work of art.




The album isn’t just diverse when it comes to the “genres”, but also concerning the pace, mid-paced, fast-paced as well as slow at times, creating different moods and sensations, being, at one particular moment, relaxing and at another, extreme and powerful. Something that I find very important about music is that when it’s composed with sentiment, no matter if it’s about pain and suffering or joy and passion, as long as it’s honest and I sincerely believe, from what I heard, that “Umbras de Barbagia” was conceived with feeling, with devotion and ardor. The anguished and desperate vocals are amazing and the guitars are majestic. There are many, many other elements to be discovered while listening to this album, but I think that this is a pleasure that you should listen for yourself. Get yourself some good headphones or a stereo system, whatever suits you better and allow yourself go into the magnificent journey that is “Umbras de Barbagia”.




As for the production, nothing to be observed, a very clean and well-recorded work, but, as I always like to state, this isn’t the completely clean, sterile and mechanical production, fortunately. So, my dear friends, I finish my thoughts by inviting you to check this outstanding album, you can listen to it legally at Avantgarde Music official Bandcamp page, and if you like it, as I hope, I ask you to support the band in any way that is possible for you. This is a poetic accomplishment.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Downfall of Nur


Album: Umbras de Barbagia (2015)


Label: Avantgarde Music




  1. I – Intro
  2. II – The Golden Age
  3. III – The Downfall of Nur
  4. IV – Ashes
  5. V – Umbras de Barbagia


Downfall of Nur is:


A. – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocal

Guest musician: D. – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


Official Avantgarde Music Bandcamp:


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March 28, 2015


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