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Drowning the Light – From the Abyss



Drowning the Light is a band that I got to know better through the connection, when it comes to distribution and now a guest vocal, with one of my favorite bands, the Brazilian cult act Evil. With time, the Australian act has also become one of the bands that I admire the most for its atmosphere and honesty. Deservedly, Drowning the Light has reached the status of a cult and much praised band. In the year 2003, Azgorh created the dark art known as Drowning the Light (after his previous band Baal Gadrial (1999-2005) became dormant and he was only doing vocal duties in Pestilential Shadows) as an all encompassing entity of hatred and melancholy, which unleashed its first rituals, 4 tapes, Shrouded in misery and mystery, extremely limited and given out only to close allies. Since then, the band has released thirteen full-length albums, many splits and compilations, always showing a bright proficiency.




The first thing that admired me in “From the Abyss” is how the band managed to create a very atmospheric, almost soothing in a way and at times, of course, but still be so raw, aggressive and furious. The epic feel as well as the melancholic moods are also present in this release, turning their sound even richer, with different paces along the entire album. We can neither forget about the many medieval elements that are also an important part of “From the Abyss”. Highly influenced by the 90’s Black Metal, they’ve used the best of that era, all sounds so well-balanced and finely composed that it’s indeed a pleasure to hear these true symphonies of authentic Black Metal. But don’t get me wrong, even though this release was influenced by the 90’s, “From the Abyss” is not simply an album that copies what was once created, no, another great aspect of this release that it’s refreshing, original and, in my modest view, extraordinary.




I didn’t want to mention Satanic Warmaster since it’s a wide-known fact about the similarities, but hey, who knows one that likes Satanic Warmaster music that doesn’t know about Drowing the Light, or vice-versa, might be miraculous reading this and might be interested. Well, by similarities, I don’t mean that the bands sound exactly alike, that one is a clone of another, but rather that they share some elements that distinguish their music: desolate riffs, cold and hateful vocals, harsh atmosphere, intelligent use of synths to create different moods, as in a haunting and mysterious background aura and, most importantly, splendid and monumental Black Metal. So, if you enjoy one, it’s very possible that you’ll be pleased with the other one’s music.




Concerning the album’s production, I believe that we have a more polished sound when compared to Drowning the Light’s previous works. Nothing digital here, only the “real” sound of the music. This is such a remarkable work that deserves even more attention and appreciation from the extreme metal listeners. I invite you now to check this amazing creation that is “From the Abyss”, which you can do legally via the band’s official Bandcamp page and, if you enjoy their music, I beg of you to support this hard-working, impressive band.




Take care.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Drowning the Light


Album:  From the Abyss (2015)


Label: Dark Adversary Productions




  1. From Old Mountains to Lost Seas
  2. Drink the Blood of the Sun (Varcolaci Awakens)
  3. Below the Horizon He Stalks
  4. From the Abyss
  5. Secrets of the Darkest Spells
  6. Cursed Voyage
  7. Apparitions in the Distant Woodlands
  8. Rise! Under Satans Mighty Horns
  9. The Return of Medieval Sorrow
  10. Despoiler of the World We Know
  11. Sic Itur Ad Astra
  12. The Inverted Ascension
  13. Sinking into the Void


Drowning the Light is:


Balam – Guitars, Vocals

Azgorh – All instruments, Vocals

Basilysk – Session Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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April 2, 2015


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