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Dynfari – Vegferð tímans



We have here, one more time, na Icelandic band as the one that Will have its latest release reviewed. Or better, not really reviewed, as, if you’re new to this website, I prefer to state how the music feels, the experience of listening to the artist’s creation, but I digress. Well, some of you already know my admiration for the Icelandic metal scene, I’ve always found some special music there. Of course I’m not stating that everything that comes from the nation is extreme metal of high quality, like everywhere, there a few not up to the standard bands as well.




Dynfari was founded in Reykjavík in 2010. The duo has already released three full-length albums, the latest being in the current year, titled “Vegferð tímans”. As the band has explained, Vegferð Tímans, directly translated as “Journey of Time”, is Dynfari’s long-awaited third full-length album and glimpses into untold history: the inevitable demise of man as matter once living and breathing, dissolving into nothingness, uniting with the infinite heavens and becoming one with the stars…




My friends, this is, in my modest view, an exquisite album. The band plays Atmospheric Black Metal and, as there are several bands playing this genre, which I personally enjoy, it’s not easy to stand out, unless you put out something unique, qualitative and engaging. And I believe that these words can be wholeheartedly applied to Dynfari’s music. With the presence of acoustic passages, clean vocals, melancholic atmosphere and folk influences, feeling like a gentle composition, almost graceful and peaceful, but yet contrasting with the rawness of the Black Metal genre as well as its speedy and dark aura.




Shoegaze influences are also to be found in “Vegferð tímans”, but, much like the other ones, being very subtle. When I think about the entire album, having all the songs in mind, I sense that it’s indeed epic, monumental and dazzling. It’s one of those albums that you have lay down, forgot about all of your duties and to let yourself go into the delightful journey created by Dynfari. Desolate, enduring and spacious, “Vegferð tímans” is not to be missed.




When it comes to the production, it’s all very clear, well-recorded and balanced. I really don’t have anything negative to mention here. And now, my cherished readers, I invite you all to listen to Dynfari’s music and, as I always point out, if you happen to enjoy what you heard, find a away to support or to promote this fantastic band.


a1936269756_10 (1)


Until next time.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Dynfari


Album: Vegferð tímans (2015)


Label: Code666 Records




  1. Ljósið
  2. Óreiða
  3. Sandkorn (í stundaglasi tímans)
  4. Hafsjór
  5. Fall XCII og 2^57.885.161 – 1 sálna
  6. Vegferð I – Ab Terra
  7. Vegferð II – Ad Astra
  8. Vegferð III – Myrkrið


Dynfari is:


Jón Emil – Percussion, Guitars

Jóhann Örn – Vocals, Bass, Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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April 9, 2015


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