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Eismalsott – Weißblendung

Founded in Celle, Germany, in the year 1998, Eismalsott is an experimental black metal band. Eismalsott  released a demo in 2002 and an EP in 2004 named Best Before: Spring. After that the band simply disappeared. Here’s what they have to say about it: “In 2004, just before the release of their debut album, Eismalsott disappeared without a trace. Ten years later, something re-emerges from the storm. Eismalsott refuses to die. We return to haunt you.” In 2013 the band reunited and, now, in 2014, released one more EP, this time named Weißblendung. It contains three songs and a running time of almost 21 minutes of piercing black metal.


I have to say that I just loved this release. It is experimental black metal, but nothing like the crazy music you might think about. On this EP, at least, you have something experimental just here and there. What you can hear is pure assault majestic black metal, everything that expect from a German Black Metal band. At the same time, the music is ethereal, but it doesn’t mean that it’s repetitive or hypnotic. Like I said, it’s fast, piercing and ferocious, yet ethereal, as mentioned and, in a way, a bit atmospheric. And just to compare with other bands, the band’s sound reminds me of Inferos, an album released by the German band Pagan Winter in 1998.


The recording quality is what you can expect from a black metal band self-releasing an album. It’s raw, but, by no means, it’s something dreadful or painful. It’s actually much better than what I expected. You can hear all the instruments very well and also the vocals, which are awesome. Any black metal listener will find the production more than reasonable.


If you want to support the band, you can either buy the digital version of Weißblendung at Bandcamp or either the limited digipack EP at the band’s official bigcartel (link provided).


All in all everything is awesome about this EP, the guitar work, the drums; it’s just pure German Black Metal, as I mentioned before. Eismalsott is a versatile band that deserves a larger audience. Give it a try; listen to the songs on Bandcamp. It won’t kill you.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Eismalsott


Album: Weißblendung – EP (2014)


Label: Self-released


Track list:


1. Zweifel

2. Sternleite | Tiefenrausch

3. Weißblendung | Titus Oates


Eismalsott is:


Marlek – Drums

C:R:A –  Guitars

Abarus  – Guitars

Ainvar – Guitars, Bass, Violin, Kokle, Psaltery, Electronics and Synths

Alboîn – Guitars, Synths, Choir

S.atyrus S.ancti – Keyboards


Official Facebook:

Official Bandcamp:

Official Bigcartel:

May 7, 2014