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Fake Idyll – Genome of Terror

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After a very long time of waiting, thanks to the Post, I finally put my hands on this release. I was really looking forward to listening to “Genome of Terror”, because it was described as “perfect music for all grieving fans of the dissolved Japanische Kampfhörspiele”, a band that I’ve always been a fan. Well, since then, Japanische Kampfhörspiele has been put back together, fortunately. At the same time, I was a bit skeptical, because although I do like instrumental music, until now, there hadn’t existed one entire instrumental metal album that I truly enjoyed. Of course I liked many, but nothing really that I’d consider outstanding.


And now, freaking bloody hell, this is an amazing album. It’s creative, interesting and even fun at times. There are so many adjectives to describe this album that I don’t think it would fit a concise and straightforward review, as I prefer, but, in my humble opinion, this is intelligent music. It’s hard to describe what this means, you have to listen it yourself to come up with a conclusion. “Genome of Terror” is deep, solid and harmonic, the music, again at times, sound weird, crazy, but, in a way, it all makes sense. The whole album is like a huge piece of music genres collage that could, if not done correctly, result into a huge mess, but no, “Genome of Terror” sounds so fine!




The songs are really captivating, the instrumental work of Neumann, Kather and Nowak, with the Orchestra tunes addition by Benninghoff are all sublime. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a huge stew of metal genres, actually, many musical genres, not only limiting to metal. We have grindcore, death metal, industrial, experimental, jazz, rock, progressive, groove, you name it. And they’ve cooked this stew to perfection.


The album’s production is crystal clear, I believe even the audiophiles won’t complain about it. This is a release that deserves to be heard by more and more people and to be praised by its bold creativity, tremendous innovation and extraordinary musicianship. As I always beg you all, please, support Fake Idyll the way you are able to, if you can purchase the album, great, if not, spread the word about the band and their other projects. All help is needed and welcomed!




Take care.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Fake Idyll


Album: Genome of Terror (2014)


Label: Unundeux




1. Dragged into Work

2. Crowd Sourcing

3. Genome of Terror

4. Fleshmob

5. How to Deal with Revenge Porn

6. Prozac Country Blues

7. Drone Sweep

8. Biting Bits and Bytes

9. Losing Weight

10. Carbonado Afficionado

11. The Unbearable Lightness of Being Connected

12. Text Message Break-Up

13. Petridished

14. Conductor of Accidents

15. Bile Build-Up

16. Coffin Break

17. Tribal Tribulation

18. Tweaking Tweets

19. Phalanx of Work-Death-Balance

20. Diy Ai (Bonustrack)


Fake Idyll is:


Chris Neumann – Bass

Christof Kather – Drums

Robert Nowak – Guitars

Carsten Benninghoff – Orchestra Tunes


Official Website:


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September 15, 2014


2 thoughts on “Fake Idyll – Genome of Terror”

  1. Björn says:

    I absolutely love it myself! I was a big fan of “therapist” and was a bit surprised to find theres no vocals at all on the new release, but man, it doesn’t really matter. Its just awesome! Its a shame so few have heard about the band…

  2. I completely agree with you, Björn, it is a very interesting and well-composed album. Indeed more people should know about the band. Thank you very much for the comment.

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