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Fell Ruin is a band founded in Michigan and has just released Devices independently. I searched for more information on the band, as I’ve really enjoyed the mentioned work and I found an interview on the, in my modest opinion, the great webzine, OccultBlackMetalZine, and I shall quote some of the answers there to give you some idea on what’s Fell Ruin is about… About the band: We are a new project, consisting of four individuals that, after playing in various bands in Metro Detroit, now have the opportunity to collaborate on something together. About their music: Honest, straight forward, and uncompromising. We’ve all performed on several albums with our other/ past projects with little to no complaint/ regret. This album, however, was a chance to do something “natural”, bold and most importantly… different. It’s the album we’ve all wanted to make for a while now.




The music created by Fell Ruin is, to my eyes, very, very interesting. We have a blend of Black, Death, Doom, Sludge Metal, all tastefully amalgamated with a, how can I put this… savage talent. The heaviness of the compositions is presented all over the release, naturally jumping from one genre to another in a matter of seconds. It all sounds that the works were carefully put together, but still spontaneous. In their compositions, you can find the aggressiveness of Death Metal, the heaviness and the slow-tempo that are present in Doom, the rage and desolation that are parts of Black Metal, not only when we are thinking about the atmospheres, the moods of the songs, but also musically. It’s indeed profoundly fascinating to see how Fell Ruin managed to “cook this stew” with admirable competence and finesse.




There’s also this epic atmosphere as well as a kind of malevolence in the music created by the band. At times, you feel like the songs are quite hypnotic, especially when in the slow-tempo parts as well as the drumming, the beat, it’s really excellent how the entire aura feels, almost ethereal. In my modest view, this is a very talented and promising band and “Devices” clearly shows that, if all works out, and I surely hope so, Fell Ruin has a bright future in “contrast” with their obscure, dark creations.




Devices’ production is very organic, a bit raw at times, but this is completely suitable and expected when it comes to the genres they play. Don’t get me wrong, this is not those unlistenable recordings, far, far from that, I mean that Devices doesn’t sound sterile. Well, these are my thoughts how the release feels, I’ve truly appreciated this experience and invite you all to check their music at the band’s official Bandcamp page. And, as I always ask, if you enjoy what you hear, please, support the band, promote them, find a way possible for you to help spreading their art and keep it alive.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Fell Ruin


Album: Devices (2015)


Label: Independent




  1. The Climb
  2. The Accord
  3. The Hundr
  4. The Turn


Fell Ruin is:


Jeff McMullen – Bass

Rob Radtke – Guitar

August Krueger – Drums

Brian Sheehan – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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April 5, 2015


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