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First time I’m reviewing a split-album for this website. And, so far, I hadn’t been disappointed by any of the releases I had already reviewed, so, I was a bit worried about a split. Usually I don’t really enjoy splits, I prefer full-length albums by each band, but this is just my personal taste. Other than that, of course there are, were and will be great split albums.


The first half belongs to Frostseele, a one man band from Baden-Württemberg .Well, I started listening to the split, and I heard a beautiful intro. I kept to my mind, great, a promising start. Then we have Traumwandler, which started out very relaxing way, with water and wind sounds, after a little while the “attack” begins, the atmospheric black metal that Frostseele is known for. The ending of this song is spectacular. Beautiful! After that, there’s a very well done interpretation of a Cult of Luna song, Passing Through. So, the first half was indeed impressive, I completely enjoyed it.




The second part of the split was composed by Cathedraline, a band that also hails from Germany and features FrostSeele as one of the members. On this part, besides the atmospheric black metal that we expected, there are some faster, straight forward songs, with, again, atmospheric passages. I can say that both bands indeed worked well on each song. I greatly enjoyed the guitars, the vocals, the song structures.


As for the production, it is clean, but nothing too polished. It’s the typical production of Black Metal bands that care about their sound, but don’t want it to be super clean. It’s not all that fuzziness that you tend to think when you talk about black metal.




To end up this review or simply my modest views and thoughts about this split, I’ll now ask you to support the band, to support the underground. Both are “younger” bands, but that have lots and lots of potential to release masterpieces. Circumcursare is another stunning album that I review and is close to perfection. At least in my humble and completely personal opinion.


Until the next time!


Grade: 9,6/10


Bands: Frostseele/ Cathedraline


Album: Circumcursare (2014)


Label: Self-released


Track list:


1. Frostseele – Circumcursare (feat. Weißer Flügel)

2. Frostseele – Traumwandler

3. Frostseele – Passing Through (Cult of Luna cover)

4. Cathedraline – Hallway of Mortality

5. Cathedraline – Through the Mirror

6. Cathedraline – The Void of the Sun


Frostseele is:


FrostSeele – All instruments, Vocals, Programming


Cathedraline is:


Jazariel – Bass, Vocals

T. – Guitars

FrostSeele – Guitars


Official Facebook:

Official Bandcamp:


Official Facebook:

Official Bandcamp:

June 8, 2014


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