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It seems like lately I’ve been listening to lots of bands from the United States and today I’ll share my thoughts on another one, Funeralbloom. Actually, the American scene has been very interesting lately (meaning, the musical genres I enjoy the most, we can never deny the fact of the importance of the US scene when it comes to many bands and genres), so, it’s not really a surprise that I’ll review one more American band. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s Funeralbloom, a band that creates music that is hard to describe, but I’ll try my best here. Created in 2014, in Austin/ Texas, the band has already released a début album named Petals.




We have some exotic, different songs here and I quite like it. The band blends so many genres on Petals, in every song, that, as I’ve told you, my friends, it’s a bit difficult to “label” their music. There’s ambient, post-metal, some noise, black metal, a bit of shoegaze, it’s crazy. The songs sound powerful and almost a bit “insane”. A pretty much obvious statement, but, hey, I believe I should be complete, although brief, with my thoughts, this is the band that you’ll enjoy if you like Deafheaven. “Petals” is indeed a great début album. Hopefully the band will keep this way.




Speaking of that, and something completely non related to the music Funeralbloom plays, well, not really “non related”, to tell you the truth, but, just another day, I was reading an article how Black Metal purists aren’t pleased with bands that “use” this genre to create different music, with post-metal influences, shoegaze, among others. I completely understand how they feel, I’ve been a Black Metal purist when I first heard the genre, I don’t know, seventeen years ago? I really don’t remember the year, but I have to say that, even though I understand, I humbly and respectfully disagree. I think all extreme metal is great and Black Metal, the purest form, will never die, will never be “affected” by the using of the genre in bands that play a less aggressive form of music. Just something I’d like to share.




And back to Petals, the production of the album is fine, another positive aspect of this release. I close my “review” by asking you to support the band. It’s always great to see new bands being founded, able to release an album and to keep the extreme music alive.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,0/10


Band: Funeralbloom


Album: Petals (2014)


Label: Broken World Media




1. Black Shoes

2. Cherry Orchard

3. Lust

4. Naked


Funeralbloom is:


Austin Curtis – Voice

Bryan Walters – The Bass Guitar

Jad Dandashi – Guitars

Nick Ross – Guitars

Tyler Torres – The Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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October 27, 2014


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