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Fyrnask – Eldir Nótt

Another German Black Metal band being reviewed here… Something that I don’t really understand is that Fyrnask’s previous album, Bluostar, had much more attention than the latest one, object of this review, Eldir Nótt. Don’t get me wrong, Bluostar is an outstanding release, but, in my humble opinion, Eldir Nótt is better.


Founded in 2008 in Bonn, Fyrnask released a demo in 2010 named Fjǫrvar ok Benjar, the début full-length album Bluostar in 2011 and the latest one, Eldir Nótt in 2013. Fyrnask is one more one man band on this website as well and is signed to the Swedish label “Temple of Torturous”.


Here’s a small biography which I believe that describe well the band and the message: “Fyrnask came to life in winter 2008. Arisen from the womb of the earth, Fyrnask is creating images of times and places long forgotten and which origins are only indirectly accessible for mankind. The dead corpses of our ancestors and the artifacts they have crafted, tell us forgotten stories that are lying in the deep gloomy waters of northern Europe.”


Indeed you can feel the European touch into the band’s music. It’s something that can not be described, but only heard. The music, as the band states, is ritualistic and obviously, it’s not just a philosophical way of viewing it, it does sound ritualistic. Some might find this music style boring, but I must add that this isn’t the case of Eldir Nótt at all. Many times the songs are atmospheric and melancholic, but they’re also aggressive, furious. This isn’t something easy to “blend”, but Fyrnask does it quite well.


As for the production, it is crystal clear. You can hear every single instrument. It’s not over-polished, something that is expected on this genre, but it is still impressive. Well, nothing to complain about here, actually something else to compliment this amazing band.


All in all, one hell of a release, an unique Black Metal album that deserves more and more recognition. I was very impressed and recommend it to anyone, not only Black Metal fans, but Metal fans as well, because of the variety and interestingness of Eldir Nótt.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Fyrnask


Album: Eldir Nótt (2013)


Label: Temple of Torturous


Track list:


1. Intro

2. Vigil

3. Jarðeldr

4. Suonnas sedir

5. Saltrian

6. Samas stígr

7. Síaiða

8. Sút


Eismalsott is:


Fyrnd – All instruments, Vocals


Official Facebook:

Official Bandcamp:

May 6, 2014