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Ghost Bath’s previous album, released last year, was among my favorite 2014 releases. I didn’t expect that the band would return already in 2015 with a new work for us to enjoy listening to. As I’ve mentioned, I found “Funeral” superb and I was thinking if the band would be able to maintain the quality or even top their début. The Chinese Depressive Black Metal band’s name refers to the act of committing suicide by submerging in a body of water. Moonlover, their sophomore album, has been praised by the specialized media. I’ll share my humble thoughts about it.




Ghost Bath has become one of the bands I admire the most. This is the second release I listen from them and, already grading it, I’m, one more time, giving it a ten. Another gem composed by highly creative and skilled musicians, played with real emotion, passion and poignant honesty. This isn’t just another Post-Metal, Suicidal Black Metal album that sound alike, but rather a sublime and impressive unique composition, filled with many beautiful moments, very melodic and brilliantly created. A fine work of art.




Much like in “Funeral”, the vocals are still anguished, tortured and fierce, while the instruments are simply outstandingly played, alluring and enticing. Moonlover is simply a breath-taking release, mesmerizing and seductive in its downer mood and yet exciting. As I type this article to share my thoughts or views on this wonderful album with you, I’m listening again to Moonlover and I have to say that you can always find a new detail here and there. I admit that I am fascinated with their music.




It is always great to see that extreme music is well and alive around the world. Sometimes I believe we all wonder if we have achieved what we could, but, fortunately, there are many bands out there, experienced or younger ones, that keeps on creating something new, something worth listening to and supporting it. This band, as well as others, not to be unfair, gives me hope that extreme music will be kept in great shape and that we shall be able to appreciate innovative creations in the years to come.




About the production, all sounds clean, but not so clean that it would feel like something mechanical or even sterile; another great aspect of Moonlover. I finish my thoughts on Ghost Bath’s second full-length album by begging you to check the music on Bandcamp and you if like what you listen to, find a way to help supporting and promoting this stunning band.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Ghost Bath


Album: Mooonlover (2015)


Label: Northern Silence Productions




  1. The Sleeping Fields
  2. Golden Number
  3. Happyhouse
  4. Beneath the Shade Tree
  5. The Silver Flower pt. 1
  6. The Silver Flower pt. 2
  7. Death and the Maiden


Ghost Bath is:


杰米 – Bass

泰勒 – Drums

多诺万 – Guitars, Vocals

丹尼斯 – Vocals, Guitars, Piano


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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March 3, 2015


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