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Gory Blister – The Fifth Fury

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Highly experienced Italian Technical Death Metallers Gory Blister is back with a new release, named “The Fifth Fury”. Well, founded in 1991, the band’s lyrical themes range from psychology to modern literature/poetry and outer space. I’ve always liked Technical Death Metal, as I’ve mentioned on a previous review, so I decided to give this new release a try and I tell you, I don’t regret at all!


With excellent riffs, harsh/ high pitched and “deep” vocals, great drumming and an excellent Bass work, the music of “The Fifth Element” is what you want when you listen to a Technical Death Metal band, crushing, fast, progressive, aggressive and dark. This is not one of those boring releases that you only listen to “heavy noises” that makes no sense, it’s, in my humble opinion, indeed a great album which shows great musicianship and a different take on the genre.


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If you enjoy the mid/ late works of Death, this is the album for you. Almost melodic, “The Fifth Fury” presents us with rich, impressive, dynamic and mature music which you’ll make you bang your head and jump all around the place you’re in. There are also Thrash Metal and Progressive Metal elements that enrich the experience. And the lyrics are very interesting, not the usual evil or medical errors concepts.


And this is another album that I’ve got nothing at all to “complain” about its production. Actually, I’ve read some opinions that the album is too clean, but, in my modest view, this doesn’t matter at all. I’ll finish sharing my thoughts with you all by urging, once again, to help promoting Gory Blister the way that is possible for you.


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Album kindly provided by Music-Solutions’ Agency Aosta.


Have a good day!


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Gory Blister


Album: The Fifth Fury (2014)


Label: Sliptrick Records




1. Psycho Crave

2. Thresholds

3. Toxamine

4. Devouring Me

5. The Fifth Fury

6. Prometheus Scars

7. (Meet Me) In the Mass Grave

8. The Grey Machinery

9. Heretic Infected Orchestra


Gory Blister is:


Raff Sangiorgio – Guitars

Joe La Viola – Drums

Paolo “St. John” John – Vocals

Emi Dattolo – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


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September 16, 2014


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