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Halfdream – Imaginarium



Halfdream is a one man band from Brazil created in 2012 by Marcelo Murata. As it is described at the official Facebook page, Marcelo Murata is responsible for the guitars, programming (bass, piano, drums and strings), song writing, producing, audio engineering, designing, but he is not your barista at a local Starbucks. I am always interested in do it yourself metal bands and, from the description of Halfdream’s sound, I felt almost compelled to listen to it “right now” as I could be missing something important.




It is important for me to talk a bit about the band’s nation scene when I write my opinions about their releases, but what can I say about Brazil… The land of some important bands that have influenced many around the world, but not “only” that. There are so many interesting musicians coming from this country, Avant-garde, Post-Metal, Doom, Death and lots of Black Metal bands that truly deserve some more attention.




Halfdream  desecribes “Imaginarium” as progressive metal meets post-rock, featuring heavy rhythmic guitars, complex drumming and guitar solos influenced by bands like Dream Theater, Mastodon, Animals As Leaders and Russian Circles and also the more introspective and atmospheric side of post-rock, with strings, piano melodies and elements typical from bands like God Is an Astronaut and Maybeshewill. Well, that is it; I do not need to write anything about this band no longer, as it is all there. Nope, I should state my opinion, at least.




My dear friends, this is fantastic, very inventive and highly diverse. The compositions vary so much… it is almost an impossible task to let you know all that is going on in this album. To the delicate and introspective Post-Metal to heavier tunes, fast, slow, mid-tempo, all blended in an experimental creation that resulted into something that is indeed impressive. From groove to progressive, flirting with the heaviest forms of metal, a “stew” that was cooked just right.




In addition, there are times that the music sounds weird, but weird in a positive way, not simply throwing some strange sounds here and there to “sound avant-garde”, but actually constructing something that, in the end, makes sense. This very rich release, which needs to be heard. A highly interesting album that gives me hope as there are many people out there, still creating passionate music, breaking the boundaries while looking for new paths, new moods and atmospheres. An alluring work. Don’t judge it by one song, you need to listen to the entire album to feel its charm.




As for the production, nothing to be observed here, all sounds fine and well placed. I really think that this band deserves more listeners, so, my dear friends, I invite you all to give Halfdream a chance… you can legally listen to “Imaginarium” at the band’s official Bandcamp page and, if you like what you heard, please, find a way that is possible for you in order to support and/ or promote Halfdream.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Halfdream


Album: Imaginarium (2015)


Label: Independent





  1. Imaginarium
  2. Syzygy
  3. Sweet Memories
  4. The Dark Path
  5. Save Our Souls
  6. From Far to Nowhere
  7. Cœurage
  8. Panic Attack
  9. Disaster Town
  10. Avenue of Dreams
  11. Infinity (feat. Anna Miller)
  12. Awakening


Halfdream is:


Marcelo Murata – Everything


Official Bandcamp:


Official Facebook:


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May 22, 2015


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