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Hateful Desolation – Withering In Dust

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Hateful Desolation is an Italian/ Egyptian band founded in the year 2013 as a solo project by and in the current year, Gray Ravenmoon joined as a vocalist. Being influenced by bands such as Xasthurm, Woods of Desolation, Nyktalgia and Austere, just to name a few, the band states that the idea behind the music is to mix between the sub-genres of Black Metal: (Depressive Black Metal & Atmospheric Black Metal) with the essence of the Old School Black Metal, creating a new level of Depression and Obscurity within the music itself.  In November, 2014, the band’s demo “Withering In Dust” is released.


The band


I’ll start already by saying that this demo is very well done, all floats naturally and you sense that the band put a lot of work to create something unique, with quality and character. This is a Depressive/ Atmospheric Black Metal release, in my opinion, and as I told by one of the band members, a bit more Atmospheric than Depressive. I feel that the music is almost hypnotic, mesmerizing, leading you into a journey through the world created by Hateful Desolation.




As for the music, it’s atmospheric (obviously), but, at the same time, raw and dark Black Metal. With acoustic passages, cold riffs, high pitched vocals, spoken words parts and a melancholic aura, “Withering In Dust” is an example of sorrowful, artistic release, created with passion. The synths used by Hateful Desolation gives this demo an epic, elevated feel, improving even more the magnitude of “Withering In Dust”.


Gray Ravenmoon


The demo has a good quality production, I was expecting something very lo-fi, but I was surprised. It’s not very polished either, but I believe that this production style doesn’t fit the genre so well. Well, all in all I really enjoyed this release and invite you all to listen to “Withering In Dust” and to find a way to support this underground band.


Cover (front)


Have a good day.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Hateful Desolation


Album: Withering In Dust (Demo – 2014)


Label: Adimere Records




1. Your Memory Will Never Fade

2. Withering In Solitude

3. Your Memory Will Never Fade (Instrumental version)


Hateful Desolation is:


– Gray Ravenmoon – vocalist

– Void – all instruments/clean vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Soundcloud:


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November 7, 2014


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