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Hailing from Sweden, Hermóðr is a Atmospheric Black Metal relatively young, founded in 2012, but has already released three EPs, one Demo, two Singles and a full-length album as well as a Split. I’m reviewing, or letting you know my feelings over the music, the 2014 EP named Förlorad.




This is, one more time, a short EP and the review shall be so as well, because there’s no reason to waste your time by typing mumbo jumbo just so that the review will be long. I loved this EP. Everything I love about Atmospheric Black Metal is represented here: the repetition, the ethereal guitar, the drumming pattern that leads your mind to somewhere or something far way, the piercing vocals, the beautiful and melodic tunes and yet extreme, but elegant. Sometimes there’s a Viking feeling, but no, this isn’t Viking metal, it’s Atmospheric Black Metal on its best way. Sometimes you feel that the music might be a bit simple, but, at the same time, sumptuous, opulent and epic. There’s a lot of emotion on this release. They might be cold, but they exist. Such an unbelievable release, I can’t stop listening to it.




Production is far from those high budget ones. You’ll only enjoy it if you’re able to not be bothered about the lo-fi, small budget production. Of course you can distinguish all instruments; it’s not one mess, a huge buzzing, but far from being polished. And I like the way this EP was recorded.




So, please, if you enjoy Hermóðr’s music, like their page on Facebook, tell your friends that might like this band as well about it, share Hermóðr’s Bandcamp page on your social network of choice and last, but not least, whenever you’re able to, support the band by purchasing the releases.


Take care.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Hermóðr


Album: Förlorad (EP – 2014)


Label: Independent




1. Intro

2. Förlorad

3. Aska


Hermóðr is:


Rafn – Everything


Official Facebook:


Offical Bandcamp:


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August 6, 2014


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