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Hybris – Blinded Thoughts


Hailing from Łódź, one beautiful city in Poland in which Roman Polanski attended the National Film School, home of Jack Tramiel, Atari Corporation founder, where Władysław Reymont, an amazing writer lived by and based his most known book, as well as is an important part of western history (see, metal-maniac) is multi-cultural, Hybris is a young technical death/ thrash metal band that has just released its début EP: “Blinded Thoughts”.


I’ll review differently this time; I’ll start with the negative aspects, or, in this case, one negative aspect only: the EP clocks just under nineteen minutes and after listening to it, you want more and more! And, if you’re not familiar with my “reviews”, I’ll “say” one more time: I simply give my thoughts about the release, if I truly enjoyed it or not, what is great about it, the quality of the recording, I don’t enjoy getting into all technical, as in my humble opinion, the review might become boring to many people.


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Well, for the positive aspects now, there are many. First is the fact that an independent band with no record label can record an album, or an EP in this case, with a very good quality when it comes to the sound. It gives me hope to see new bands rising and releasing qualitative material, such as Hybris. The great musicianship of Hybris is another aspect I should point out, the band, as I mentioned before, is young, but this doesn’t project into their sound. The vocals are quite unique as well, different from what we usually listen to when it comes to Death or Thrash Metal bands. The guitars and drums are well-done and totally makes you headbanging (if people want to headbang to your music, you know you’re doing something correct).


To sum up, this band works hard and completely deserves more support from the metalheads out there. They are releasing new, different, unique music, not sounding like every new Death or Thrash Metal bands out there. If you can, contact the band and buy their EP… support them… And I hope to hear more from the in the future. It’s always sad to see so many bands with so much potential (like Hybris has) that simply fade away due to lack of support. Let’s not let this happen to Hybris.


Until the next one!


Grade: 9,0/10


Bands: Hybris


Album: Blinded Thoughts (2014)


Label: Self-released


Track list:


1. Amnesia

2. Egyptian Darkness

3. Mystic Circle


Hybris is:


Ozzy – Vocals, Guitars

Pisston  – Bass

Joey – Drums

Mateusz Jaśkiewicz – Guitars


Official Facebook:

Official Youtube:

June 2, 2014