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Hyperborean – Mythos of the Great Pestilence



In the words of the band members themselves, Hyperborean is a Swedish Experimental Black Metal band. Not only I enjoy their music, but the musicians are also great people, humble, but well-articulated and with very interesting ideas, as you can conclude from the interview here on Metal Maniac website.


Here’s what the band has to say about “Mythos of the Great Pestilence”, the album I’m sharing my thoughts now, which was released this year, 2014: “I pretty much feel that we have improved on every aspect of the music. The songs are better structured and they have become allot more complex and technical and the music has become more chaotic and aggressive, in a good way. I also think Andreas has developed greatly as a song writer since the last album. It used to be that he was more of guitarist who wrote riffs and then tried to arrange them into songs after the fact. Now I believe that he thinks more as a composer of music, seeing the entirety of the song beforehand and having a much stronger vision for the music. As for my part, I’m happy with how the vocals turned out, I think they are much better than on TSOW and it took a great effort to get them as harsh as they turned out to be.”




I have to agree, Hyperborean’s sophomore album is a step forward for the band. The music has evolved, the production, the musicianship, the creativity and originality, all has improved from the previous album. The album feels triumphant and dark, the Black Metal played by Hyperborean has that evil atmosphere, but it’s not the standard Black Metal that we are used to listen to most of the time. And it’s neither a completely insane avant-garde music either, in case you are thinking about not checking this band because of this. They created everything just right. This is indeed a really stunning release that should be heard by any Black Metal listener. Hyperborean managed to create something new, something interesting and to distance themselves from all the regurgitated music that has been released lately.


Please, if you like the band, the music that they created, support their art. Of course buying the releases would be the most important support, but hey, if you can’t, at least talk to your metal listening friends about Hyperborean, share the band’s Facebook page, anything that you think will help the band. It’s much, much needed and they deserve it.




Until next time!


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Hyperborean


Album: Mythos of the Great Pestilence (2014)

Label: Independent




1. Hail Dystopia

2. The Great Pestilence

3. Bring forth the Dead Man

4. The Slaves of this World

5. Änglamakerskan Hilda Nilsson

6. On the Nature of Mankind

7. Ethics of the Conqueror

8. The New Paradigms Outcasts


Hyperborean is:


Andreas Blomqvist – Guitars

Magnus Persson – Vocals


Official Facebook:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

August 25, 2014


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