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Today we have another band from Greece, home of some classic Metal bands and, as we all know, a country that should always be praised by its important contributions to civilization. The band I’m talking about is InsaniteR and they play Thrash Metal. Founded in 2011, InsaniteR has released the demo “Alley of Fear” in 2012, the EPs “Raise the Deads” and “Mind of Evil” in 2013 and now, 2014, the EP that is being reviewed, “Initium”.


Well, it’s always so great to listen to a good Thrash Metal album. Obviously, that can be applied to all music, all genres, but when it comes to Thrash Metal, I don’t know, it boosts your energy, you feel like jumping and thrashing everything in front on you. In a positive way, I mean, of course I didn’t destroy anything at home, hehe. And this is the case with “Initium”, indeed a very good Thrash Metal EP. Just one commentary, some say that when it comes to Thrash, it’s hard, almost impossible, to find something new, but, hey, I don’t really care about this, what matters for me is the music, if it feels great, and, again this can be applied to “Initium”.




As for the music, it’s fast, aggressive, 80’s old-school influenced, filled with heavy riffs and, in my opinion, has an original feel, even though, of course, you can hear some of the already mentioned influences. I have to repeat myself here, the fast riffs and killer tunes are absolutely great! The songs are very well structured. I researched a bit and found out that all instruments were recorded by Peter, guitarist and vocalist of the band, which impresses me even more, as they all feel very well-played.


Production is clean, all instruments and vocals are heard the way they should be. And again, for being an independent release, the production of “Initium” is remarkable. And my final thoughts/ words are the same: please, if you like the band, help them the way you are able to. Share their Youtube or Facebook pages, let your friends know about InsaniteR, whatever you can do, that’s what I humbly ask.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: InsaniteR


Album: Initium (EP – 2014)


Label: Independent




1. Ancient Believed

2. Core inside Chaos

3. Face Back

4. Collapse the Orizon

5. End of Insanity

6. Alley of Fear


InsaniteR is:


Peter – Guitar, Vocals

Dimitris Georgoudakis – Drums

Manos Ploumakis – Bass


Official Facebook:


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August 9, 2014


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