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Inverticrux – Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program



What a great band I’m sharing my thoughts today. I am impressed, but I believe I should let the compliments for the correct paragraph. First, as usual, I’m giving you a brief description on the band’s history and then I’ll share my thoughts. The band I’m talking about it Inverticrux, from New Hampshire. Founded in 2006 as Vintage Flesh, the band changed its name in 2011 to Inverticrux. The band states that they blend absolutely every genre and sub genre of Heavy Metal. Goth, Doom, Thrash, Black, Death, and also Punk. “Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program”, the album I’m talkig about today, is the band’s second full length, being “Virgin Reaper”, from the year 2012, the first band release.




What the hell! This is exactly what I like and have been looking for a very long time. I enjoy bands that mix Metal styles and create something different, diverse, unique, sounding almost insane and chaotic, but not just for the hell of it. Inverticrux’s sound is freaking crazy and fun and I say fun not in the sense that it’s funny or not to be taken serious, but rather that the music makes me feel good! And I was having a pretty bad day. They actually managed to pick every interesting aspect of the several styles Inverticrux blends and cooked this stew with great competence and skill. I’m not talking about a mess, everything makes sense here, even though, yes, it may sound a bit chaotic at times. But this, in my humble opinion, is very positive. I really don’t know what else to say, I can’t praise this band enough.




As I’ve mentioned before, the music is a real stew, you can find in “Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program” elements of Heavy, Doom, Goth, Black, Death, Crust, Punk, all well-constructed and finely executed into an amalgamation of outstanding extreme music. The atmosphere feels creepy and much like a horror movie, but never cheesy, as some might think when reading this description. It also feels very theatrical, imposing and monumental. Another aspect that caught my attention is that the songs are always very different from each other, you don’t get bored and check how long it’s about to end, you feel as you want more and more. It’s indeed a catchy release, filled with surprising moments, formidable musicianship and many vocal style ranges. I don’t like to get into technical details, all I can say is that the guitars, vocals (so many changes, again!), all instrumentalisation are freaking astonishing! Like I have told you, my cherished readers, I can’t praise enough this album.




As for the production, we have also a fine work here. All instruments, vocals and effects are clearly audible. All our music has always been recorded at Opal Sound Studio’s Kingston NHand mastered and Project Sound Studio’s Haverhill Ma. I now invite you all to check this band, especially their latest album and to, please, support them the way you’re able to. We have here a “bunch” of talented metal musicians that deserves more recognition.




Take care.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Inverticrux


Album: Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program (2014)


Label: Exalted Woe Records




1. Sin by Thy Guide

2. On Six Limbs

3. Malcontent Manifestation

4. Lorreta’s Lost Leg

5. Here Fades All Worldly Pleasures

6. Attack of the Scarecrow Clowns from Planet Spider


Inverticrux is:


Raypissed – Vocals

James Hellkhunt – Rhythm strings & Bass

M-CoffinRage – Percussion’s

Matt Gemini – Leads


Official Facebook:


Official Reverbnation:


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November 5, 2014


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