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Isolert is a band composed of two musicians created in the current year in Greece. The band has already released a demo, titled “Isolated Soul”, which I’ll share my thoughts about it. Just yesterday I reviewed the material of another Hellenic band and I have to say that it’s great to see that the movement over there strong, as it has always been, with many interesting extreme metal albums influencing other bands around the world.




Highly influenced by the 90’s era, Isolert creates a very raw, dark and cold sound, as cliché as these words might sound, but they are the correct ones to describe this band’s music. The old-school touches, the atmospheric aura as well as the mix of slow, mid and fast paced bits in each song, makes this demo very special and indeed a band to keep an eye on future releases. The fierce guitars,  cruel vocals and aggressive mood are all to be praised




Another aspect that I like in this demo is that, even thought it’s a bit short, the band managed to create different moods, with many variations in each song, from that grim, raw Black Metal to Viking, flirting with Melodic Black, all with exquisite and creativity. Isolert cites influences such as Gorgoroth, Dissection, Burzum and Emperor and you can sense some of these influences here and there, but the band, as I like to point out since I feel this is very important, well, the band does put some of their own brand, their personal touch into their music, it’s not just something that completely copies the older iconic releases. All in all, this is a very intense and personal work that indeed impressed me highly. I hope to hear a full-length album in a near future.




As for the demo’s production, I believe that Isolated Souls sound fine, very organic in fact. Maybe the vocals were recorded a just a bit loud, but nothing that would cause any damage to the listening experience. Truthfully, I think that it’s also another great point of “Isolated Soul”. Most of the time, there’s this preconception that demos will sound terrible, and yet you are surprised by great quality recording such as in Isolert’s début work. My friends, I ask you, as I always do, to listen to this band’s music and, if you like what you heard, please, find a way to promote and support this Hellenic attack.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Isolert


Album: Isolated Soul (Demo – 2015)


Label: Independent/ Depressive Illusions Records




  1. Secretum
  2. Empty Memory (Hate for Mankind)
  3. Isolated Soul


Isolert is:


Nick S. – Drums,Vocals

Panagiotis T. – Vocals, Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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April 12, 2015


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