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Isolert – No Hope, No Light… Only Death



Isolert – No Hope, No Light… Only Death


I don’t need to talk about the importance of Greece for the western civilization development. And neither about their metal scene. This country has presented us some of the best Black Metal albums up to date. There is an element in Greek Metal that highly appeals to me, that is the occult, a mysterious aura. I am not talking about their themes, as obviously those differ from band to band, but rather that Greek Metal feels, to my senses, a bit obscure, enigmatic.




Isolert is no exception to this, well, let’s call it a rule. Their sound is heavy, dark and powerful, raw and yet melodic and, much like in their demo, which was also reviewed on this website, atmospheric and eerie. While you listen to “No Hope, No Light… Only Death”, the band’s first full-length album, you can find beauty in extreme music. The riffs created by the Greeks are simply astounding. Even though this is quite a young band, founded last year, you can appreciate a strong musicianship and an impressive musical maturity.




I remember when reviewing their demo I was, with much expectance, awaiting to hear, someday, the band’s work on a full-length release, how they would managed to handle a longer composition body. In fact, if they would be able to keep the vigorous creativity on a “higher level”. Fortunately they did. Not only that, Isolert’s music remained original, not a simple carbon copy, as I like to point out on these articles, from the bands that inspired them to work on their own compositions. Of course, you might hear some influences here and there, but the music, as I have mentioned, remains original. Yet you can sense that they aimed, at least I think so, a second wave of Black Metal sound.




While the compositions are epic, tormented and, at times, even a bit experimental, Isolert creates an imagery of despair, blending slow to fast and mid-paced rhythms, on a profound intensity and a remarkable Black Metal artistry. This is the kind of band that we have to, in any way that we can, support. As for the sound quality of “No Hope, No Light… Only Death”, it is very clear, you can hear all elements and are able to enjoy them at fullest. A huge improvement from the demo, which quality was already very good. Please, support Isolert, a band that has a bright future ahead. We just have to give them the chance.




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Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Isolert


Album: No Hope, No Light… Only Death (2016)


Label: Ogmios Underground


Track list:


  1. Intro (Doomed)
  2. Your Hypocrisy
  3. Empty Memory (Hate for Mankind)
  4. Blood Painted Sky
  5. The Dance of Tormented Spirits
  6. Frozen Mist
  7. No Hope, No Light…Only Death


Isolert is:


Panagiotis T.: Vocals, Guitars

Apostolos K.: Guitars

Giannis E.: Bass

Nick S.: Drums

Guest Vocals on Track 3 by Wrath (Dodsferd, Nadiwrath, Grab, Kampf, The Fourth Eye)


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


Official Youtube:

April 28, 2016


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