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Karst – Lime Veins Bleed Rust



A Hungarian metal band on today’s menu. For those that know me, it’s not a surprise, as many know my passion for this nation. And no, I’m not Hungarian, I just love the history, the landscapes, the food, the wine… and of course many metal bands from this country. Well, today’s band is Karst and here’s what they have to say about the music they craft: Hailing from the once prosperous iron producing Hungarian town Miskolc, Karst came to life in 2009. The band’s name represents the geological structure of hometown’s natural surroundings and works as a metaphor for the creative process alike. The extreme garage rock band Karst is unleashed to beat with limestone, crystal clear water and rusty iron. The band prefers to dub their music Extreme Rock, even though there are many other influences, as we’ll see.




First, as usual, I enjoy talking about how the album feels, what I’ve perceived of their music in terms of moods, atmospheres and sentiments. When I heard their music, I felt something mechanical, but not in a negative way, mechanical as in a factory, an industry of heavy machinery, much like when mining lands, something very powerful and grinding. This album sounds dark, chaotic and fierce. The fact that the songs are in their native Hungarian only enriches, in my humble opinion, their work. Truly original music created by a band from a country that has a history of producing unique bands such as Tormentor and Thy Catafalque.




As for the music itself, as I’ve mentioned before, Karst likes the “brand” Extreme Rock, but this means many things. What we have here is a mix of Garage Rock, Progressive Black Metal and Folkish tunes, catching pace, jazz influences, flutes, acoustic guitars, keyboards, for some effects and atmosphere… the songs sound very inspired and well-constructed. The vocals are incredible, high pitched, deep, they’re in a constant change, the guitars and drums obviously play a very important role in the music and, fortunately, they are very effective and sound actually quite cool. This band has everything to make it in the “experimental” music jar. One band that, in a way, remembers the music produced by Karst is Umbrtka, which you can read an interview on this website.




When it comes to the production field, in my modest view, nothing to be added here, it sounds fine; you can enjoy all instruments and vocals. It’s a bit raw, but nothing that would compromise their amazing music. I invite you all, my cherished readers, to give this band a try and if you like their music, find a way to support them. If buying a release isn’t possible now, there are always other ways to support a band… spread the word about them, anything you believe will help Karst.




Take care.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Karst


Album: Lime Veins Bleed Rust (2014)


Label: Independent/ WM Music Distribution




1. Halogató

2. Szagodakvusz

3. Eszmélve

4. Fajkísérlet (Prelude to Halomra)

5. Norák és lidércek

6. Kistérségi

7. Savós

8. Halomra

9. Footprints of Harrison Crabfeathers

10. Van egy malom


Karst is:


Dániel Czakó – Backing Vocals, Drums

Balázs Hubicska – Guitars

Kristóf Váradi-Orosz – Vocals

Tamás Várkoly – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

January 3, 2015


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