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Krigsgrav – The Carrion Fields



Today I’ll share my thoughts about one more USBM release, this time “The Carrion Fields” by Krigsgrav. But first, here is some information about the band, from Naturmacht Productions’ Bandcamp page: Krigsgrav is a US black metal band creating very unique atmospheric and melodic but still blackish music with Mother Nature as main source of inspiration. The theme of the album is the cycle of the seasons in nature and the parallels between this and the life cycle experienced by all living things on this earth. So, each song represents a different season, but also a different stage in the life cycle of man.




“The Carrion Fields” is a stunning release. Beautifully composed, this album features acoustic parts, creating some neofolk melodies, dreamy guitars, much like in post-black metal music, nature sounds, anguished vocals… it’s just superb. As a whole “package”, analizing the music itself, I sense that the band sounds a bit Scandinavian, but creating their own “brand”. This album sounds epic, majestic and monumental.




As I’ve mentioned, in my humble opinion, this band is creating (or at least trying to) create its own sound, its own “brand” and I truly believe they have succeeded. This mix of folk, shoegaze and black metal doesn’t sound like many of the bands we are used to listen nowadays. I sense something different. The rawness and progressiveness present in the album are combined with perfection. It’s melodic, melancholic, at times, and uplifting at other moments.




All in all a very, very interesting release, in my modest view, of course, that deserves more listeners and that’s what I ask of you, to help supporting Krigsgrav the way that is possible for you. They do deserve this cooperation from the listeners.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Krigsgrav


Album: The Carrion Fields (2014)


Label: Independent/ Naturmacht Productions




1. Akitu

2. Words of Aeolus

3. Spire of the Hunt

4. Ghosts Among the Ashes

5. Cold Wounds of Virtue

6. A Grand Desolation

7. In the Waning Light We Bloom


Krigsgrav is:


David Sikora – All instruments

Corey Smith – Guitars (lead)

Justin Coleman – Guitars (rhythm), Vocals

Wes Radvansky – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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November 25, 2014


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